Abdelkrim Talbi
Abdelkrim Talbi
Professeur des Universités, Centrale Lille LIA LICS IMEN UMR CNRS 8520
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New magnetic microactuator design based on PDMS elastomer and MEMS technologies for tactile display
J Streque, A Talbi, P Pernod, V Preobrazhensky
IEEE Transactions on Haptics 3 (2), 88-97, 2010
ZnO/quartz structure potentiality for surface acoustic wave pressure sensor
A Talbi, F Sarry, M Elhakiki, L Le Brizoual, O Elmazria, P Nicolay, P Alnot
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S Giordano, M Goueygou, N Tiercelin, A Talbi, P Pernod, ...
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T Aubert, J Bardong, O Legrani, O Elmazria, M Badreddine Assouar, ...
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Sezawa mode SAW pressure sensors based on ZnO/Si structure
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V Polewczyk, K Dumesnil, D Lacour, M Moutaouekkil, H Mjahed, ...
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MEMS magneto-mechanical microvalves (MMMS) for aerodynamic active flow control
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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 322 (9-12), 1642-1646, 2010
Vibrotactile using micromachined electromagnetic actuators array
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Theoretical and experimental evidence of Fano-like resonances in simple monomode photonic circuits
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N Tiercelin, V Preobrazhensky, V Mortet, A Talbi, A Soltani, K Haenen, ...
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L Le Brizoual, O Elmazria, F Sarry, M El Hakiki, A Talbi, P Alnot
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Self-oscillation mode due to fluid-structure interaction in a micromechanical valve
O Ducloux, A Talbi, L Gimeno, R Viard, P Pernod, V Preobrazhensky, ...
Applied Physics Letters 91 (3), 034101, 2007
FEM and experimental study of SAW propagation through 2D pillar-based surface phononic crystal
S Yankin, A Talbi, Y Du, JC Gerbedoen, V Preobrazhensky, P Pernod, ...
J. Appl. Phys 115, 244508, 2014
Theoretical study of Lamb acoustic waves characteristics in a AlN/diamond composite membranes for super high frequency range operating devices
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Diamond and related materials 22, 66-69, 2012
L Dobrzyński, A Akjouj, G Leveque, H Al-Wahsh, Y Pennec, ...
Elsevier, 2020
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