Serge Thorimbert
Serge Thorimbert
Sorbonne Université-Faculty of Science and Engineering
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Amorphous microporous titania–silica mixed oxides: preparation, characterization, and catalytic redox properties
S Klein, S Thorimbert, WF Maier
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Efficient preparation of functionalized hybrid organic/inorganic Wells− Dawson-type polyoxotungstates
S Bareyt, S Piligkos, B Hasenknopf, P Gouzerh, E Lacôte, S Thorimbert, ...
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Lanthanide Complexes of the Monovacant Dawson Polyoxotungstate [α1‐P2W17O61]10− as Selective and Recoverable Lewis Acid Catalysts
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Identification of polyoxometalates as nanomolar noncompetitive inhibitors of protein kinase CK2
R Prudent, V Moucadel, B Laudet, C Barette, L Lafanechère, ...
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Production and Reactions of Organic-Soluble Lanthanide Complexes of the Monolacunary Dawson [α1-P2W17O61]10- Polyoxotungstate
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C Boglio, K Micoine, P Rémy, B Hasenknopf, S Thorimbert, E Lacote, ...
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Palladium (0) catalyzed amination with N, O-bis-ter-Boc hydroxylamine. Synthesis of (+)-N6-hydroxylysine
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Sensing the Chirality of Dawson Lanthanide Polyoxometalates [α1‐LnP2W17O61]7− by Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy
C Boglio, B Hasenknopf, G Lenoble, P Rémy, P Gouzerh, S Thorimbert, ...
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C Darcel, EB Kaloun, R Merdès, D Moulin, N Riegel, S Thorimbert, ...
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H El Moll, B Nohra, P Mialane, J Marrot, N Dupré, B Riflade, M Malacria, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (50), 14129-14138, 2011
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