Pelle Mellin
Pelle Mellin
Swerim AB, Senior Researcher
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Biomass as blast furnace injectant–Considering availability, pretreatment and deployment in the Swedish steel industry
C Wang, P Mellin, J Lövgren, L Nilsson, W Yang, H Salman, A Hultgren, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 102, 217-226, 2015
Computational fluid dynamics modeling of biomass fast pyrolysis in a fluidized bed reactor, using a comprehensive chemistry scheme
P Mellin, E Kantarelis, W Yang
Fuel 117, 704-715, 2014
Release of side-chain fluorinated polymer-containing microplastic fibers from functional textiles during washing and first estimates of perfluoroalkyl acid emissions
S Schellenberger, C Jonsson, P Mellin, OA Levenstam, I Liagkouridis, ...
Environmental science & technology 53 (24), 14329-14338, 2019
An Euler–Euler approach to modeling biomass fast pyrolysis in fluidized-bed reactors–Focusing on the gas phase
P Mellin, Q Zhang, E Kantarelis, W Yang
Applied Thermal Engineering 58 (1-2), 344-353, 2013
Nano-sized by-products from metal 3D printing, composite manufacturing and fabric production
P Mellin, C Jönsson, M Åkermo, P Fernberg, E Nordenberg, H Brodin, ...
Journal of cleaner production 139, 1224-1233, 2016
Performance of an effectively integrated biomass multi-stage gasification system and a steel industry heat treatment furnace
DS Gunarathne, P Mellin, W Yang, M Pettersson, R Ljunggren
Applied energy 170, 353-361, 2016
Injection of solid biomass products into the blast furnace and its potential effects on an integrated steel plant
C Wang, M Larsson, J Lövgren, L Nilsson, P Mellin, W Yang, H Salman, ...
Energy Procedia 61, 2184-2187, 2014
Characterization of lignin at pre-pyrolysis temperature to investigate its melting problem
T Han, N Sophonrat, A Tagami, O Sevastyanova, P Mellin, W Yang
Fuel 235, 1061-1069, 2019
Evaluating flowability of additive manufacturing powders, using the Gustavsson flow meter
P Mellin, O Lyckfeldt, P Harlin, H Brodin, H Blom, A Strondl
Metal powder report 72 (5), 322-326, 2017
A thermodynamic study of hot syngas impurities in steel reheating furnaces–Corrosion and interaction with oxide scales
H Liu, M Saffaripour, P Mellin, CE Grip, W Yang, W Blasiak
Energy 77, 352-361, 2014
Influence of Reaction Atmosphere (H2O, N2, H2, CO2, CO) on Fluidized-Bed Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass Using Detailed Tar Vapor Chemistry in Computational …
P Mellin, X Yu, W Yang, W Blasiak
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54 (33), 8344-8355, 2015
Simulation of bed dynamics and primary products from fast pyrolysis of biomass: steam compared to nitrogen as a fluidizing agent
P Mellin, E Kantarelis, C Zhou, W Yang
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (30), 12129-12142, 2014
Spreadability testing of powder for additive manufacturing
C Hulme-Smith, V Hari, P Mellin
Berg-und Huttenmännische Monatshefte (BHM) 166 (1), 9-13, 2020
Moisture content analysis of metal powders using oven desorption followed by Karl Fischer titration
P Mellin, T Zavalis, L Tingö, H Brodin, J Wendel, S Berg, D Riabov, ...
Metal Powder Report 75 (1), 34-39, 2019
Utilization of biomass for blast furnace in Sweden: Report I: Biomass availability and upgrading technologies
W Wei, P Mellin, W Yang, C Wang, A Hultgren, H Salman
Biomass availability in Sweden for use in blast furnaces
P Mellin, W Wei, W Yang, H Salman, A Hultgren, C Wang
Energy Procedia 61, 1352-1355, 2014
COPGLOW and XPS investigation of recycled metal powder for selective laser melting
P Mellin, R Shvab, A Strondl, M Randelius, H Brodin, E Hryha, L Nyborg
Powder Metallurgy 60 (3), 223-231, 2017
Investigating potential problems and solutions of renewable fuel use in steel reheating furnaces
J Niska, CE Grip, P Mellin
Finnish–Swedish Flame Days 2013, Jyväskylä, April 17-18, 2013, 2013
Moisture in metal powder and its implication for processability in L-PBF and elsewhere
P Mellin, M Rashidi, M Fischer, L Nyborg, L Marchetti, C Hulme-Smith, ...
Berg-und Huttenmännische Monatshefte (BHM) 166 (1), 33-39, 2020
Negative impact of humidity on the flowability of steel powders
L Marchetti, P Mellin, CN Hulme-Smith
Particulate Science and Technology, 1-15, 2021
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