Leng X   , 冷欣
Leng X , 冷欣
Associate professor of Ecology, Nanjing University
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Genetic Structure of the Endangered Plant Neolitsea sericea (Lauraceae) from the Zhoushan Archipelago Using RAPD Markers
ZS Wang, SQ An, H Liu, X Leng, JW Zheng, YH Liu
Annals of Botany 95 (2), 305-313, 2005
滨海盐地碱蓬不同生长阶段叶片 C, N, P 化学计量特征
李征, 韩琳, 刘玉虹, 安树青, 冷欣
A hardy plant facilitates nitrogen removal via microbial communities in subsurface flow constructed wetlands in winter
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Soil organic carbon and nitrogen dynamics following Spartina alterniflora invasion in a coastal wetland of eastern China
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Differential water uptake among plant species in humid alpine meadows
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Restoration of plant diversity on ditch banks: Seed and site limitation in response to agri-environment schemes
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Spartina alterniflora invasion alters soil microbial community composition and microbial respiration following invasion chronosequence in a coastal wetland of China
W Yang, N Jeelani, X Leng, X Cheng, S An
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-13, 2016
项华均, 安树青, 王中生, 郑建伟, 冷欣, 卓元午
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Effects of mowing date on the opportunities of seed dispersal of ditch bank plant species under different management regimes
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冷欣, 王中生, 安树青, 王国明, 郑建伟, 冯珏
南京林業大學學報 (自然科學版) 30 (2), 20-24, 2006
Spatial variation in ditch bank plant species composition at the regional level: the role of environment and dispersal
X Leng, CJM Musters, GR De Snoo
Journal of Vegetation Science 21 (5), 868-875, 2010
岛屿特有种全缘冬青遗传多样性的 ISSR 分析
冷欣, 王中生, 安树青, 冯珏, 刘玉虹, 王国明
生物多样性 13 (6), 546, 2005
Effect of stand age and management regime on genetic diversity of Thuidium cymbifolium in western China
Z Wang, S An, H Liu, J Feng, F Zhang, X Leng
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岛屿植物舟山新木姜子居群遗传多样性的 RAPD 分析
王中生, 安树青, 冷欣, 丁方明, 郑建伟, 陈琳
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Effects of reclamation on heavy metal pollution in a coastal wetland reserve
L Xu, W Yang, F Jiang, Y Qiao, Y Yan, S An, X Leng
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Assessment of trace metal contamination and accumulation in sediment and plants of the Suoxu River, China
N Jeelani, Z Zhu, P Wang, P Zhang, S Song, H Yuan, S An, X Leng
Aquatic Botany 140, 92-95, 2017
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