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Evaluation of Bacteroides markers for the detection of human faecal pollution
W Ahmed, J Stewart, D Powell, T Gardner
Letters in Applied Microbiology 46 (2), 237-242, 2008
Evaluation of multiple sewage-associated Bacteroides PCR markers for sewage pollution tracking
W Ahmed, A Goonetilleke, D Powell, T Gardner
water research 43 (19), 4872-4877, 2009
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W Ahmed, J Stewart, T Gardner, D Powell, P Brooks, D Sullivan, ...
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Comparison of molecular markers to detect fresh sewage in environmental waters
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Genetic parameters for economically important traits in yellowtail kingfish Seriola lalandi
P Whatmore, NH Nguyen, A Miller, R Lamont, D Powell, T D'Antignana, ...
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De-novo transcriptome analysis of the banana shrimp (Fenneropenaeus merguiensis) and identification of genes associated with reproduction and development
D Powell, W Knibb, C Remilton, A Elizur
Marine genomics 22, 71-78, 2015
Heritability for body colour and its genetic association with morphometric traits in Banana shrimp (Fenneropenaeus merguiensis)
NH Nguyen, J Quinn, D Powell, A Elizur, NP Thoa, J Nocillado, R Lamont, ...
BMC genetics 15 (1), 132, 2014
Can genetic diversity be maintained in long term mass selected populations without pedigree information?—A case study using banana shrimp Fenneropenaeus merguiensis
W Knibb, P Whatmore, R Lamont, J Quinn, D Powell, A Elizur, T Anderson, ...
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Evaluation of the Host‐Specificity and Prevalence of Enterococci Surface Protein (esp) Marker in Sewage and its Application for Sourcing Human Fecal Pollution
W Ahmed, J Stewart, D Powell, T Gardner
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A real‐time polymerase chain reaction assay for quantitative detection of the human‐specific enterococci surface protein marker in sewage and environmental waters
W Ahmed, J Stewart, T Gardner, D Powell
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The genome of the oyster Saccostrea offers insight into the environmental resilience of bivalves
D Powell, S Subramanian, S Suwansa-Ard, M Zhao, W O’Connor, ...
DNA Research 25 (6), 655-665, 2018
Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of honeybee (Apis mellifera ligustica) propolis from subtropical eastern Australia
CF Massaro, JB Simpson, D Powell, P Brooks
The Science of Nature 102 (11-12), 68, 2015
Reproductive neuropeptides that stimulate spawning in the Sydney Rock Oyster (Saccostrea glomerata)
V Van In, N Ntalamagka, W O’Connor, T Wang, D Powell, SF Cummins, ...
Peptides 82, 109-119, 2016
Yearly, pond, lineage and family variation of hepatopancreatic parvo-like virus (HPV) copy number in banana shrimp Fenneropenaeus merguiensis
W Knibb, J Quinn, A Kuballa, D Powell, C Remilton, NH Nguyen
Journal of invertebrate pathology 128, 73-79, 2015
Transcriptional Profiling of Banana Shrimp Fenneropenaeus merguiensis with Differing Levels of Viral Load
D Powell, W Knibb, NH Nguyen, A Elizur
Integrative and comparative biology 56 (6), 1131-1143, 2016
Uptake, depuration and sublethal effects of the neonicotinoid, imidacloprid, exposure in Sydney rock oysters
EE Ewere, D Powell, D Rudd, A Reichelt-Brushett, P Mouatt, NH Voelcker, ...
Chemosphere 230, 1-13, 2019
Microbial risk from source-separated urine used as liquid fertilizer in sub-tropical Australia
W Ahmed, KA Hamilton, A Vieritz, D Powell, A Goonetilleke, MT Hamilton, ...
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Development and characterization of microsatellite loci for Ocotea species (Lauraceae) threatened with extinction.
EM Martins, G Martinelli, MP Arbetman, RW Lamont, JL Simões-Araújo, ...
Genetics and molecular research: GMR, 2014
Putative chemosensory receptors are differentially expressed in the sensory organs of male and female crown-of-thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci
RE Roberts, D Powell, T Wang, MH Hall, CA Motti, SF Cummins
BMC genomics 19 (1), 1-13, 2018
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