Alan Brown
Alan Brown
Harvard Medical School
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Structure of the yeast mitochondrial large ribosomal subunit
A Amunts, A Brown, X Bai, JL Llácer, T Hussain, P Emsley, F Long, ...
Science 343 (6178), 1485-1489, 2014
Tools for macromolecular model building and refinement into electron cryo-microscopy reconstructions
A Brown, F Long, RA Nicholls, J Toots, P Emsley, G Murshudov
Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography 71 (1), 136-153, 2015
The structure of the human mitochondrial ribosome
A Amunts, A Brown, J Toots, SHW Scheres, V Ramakrishnan
Science 348 (6230), 95-98, 2015
Mechanistic Origin of Microtubule Dynamic Instability and Its Modulation by EB Proteins
R Zhang, GM Alushin, A Brown, E Nogales
Cell 162 (4), 849-859, 2015
Structure of the large ribosomal subunit from human mitochondria
A Brown, A Amunts, X Bai, Y Sugimoto, PC Edwards, G Murshudov, ...
Science 346 (6210), 718-722, 2014
Cryo-EM structure of the Plasmodium falciparum 80S ribosome bound to the anti-protozoan drug emetine
W Wong, X Bai, A Brown, IS Fernandez, E Hanssen, M Condron, YH Tan, ...
Elife 3, e03080, 2014
Structural basis for stop codon recognition in eukaryotes
A Brown, S Shao, J Murray, RS Hegde, V Ramakrishnan
Nature 524 (7566), 493-496, 2015
Organization and regulation of mitochondrial protein synthesis
M Ott, A Amunts, A Brown
Annual review of biochemistry 85, 77-101, 2016
Analysis of cooperativity by isothermal titration calorimetry
A Brown
International journal of molecular sciences 10 (8), 3457-3477, 2009
Structure and assembly pathway of the ribosome quality control complex
S Shao, A Brown, B Santhanam, RS Hegde
Molecular cell 57 (3), 433-444, 2015
Ribosome-dependent activation of stringent control
A Brown, IS Fernández, Y Gordiyenko, V Ramakrishnan
Nature 534 (7606), 277-280, 2016
A novel domain cassette identifies Plasmodium falciparum PfEMP1 proteins binding ICAM-1 and is a target of cross-reactive, adhesion-inhibitory antibodies
A Bengtsson, L Joergensen, TS Rask, RW Olsen, MA Andersen, L Turner, ...
The Journal of Immunology 190 (1), 240-249, 2013
The structure of the yeast mitochondrial ribosome
N Desai, A Brown, A Amunts, V Ramakrishnan
Science 355 (6324), 528-531, 2017
Molecular mechanism of SSR128129E, an extracellularly acting, small-molecule, allosteric inhibitor of FGF receptor signaling
C Herbert, U Schieborr, K Saxena, J Juraszek, F De Smet, C Alcouffe, ...
Cancer Cell 23 (4), 489-501, 2013
Decoding Mammalian Ribosome-mRNA States by Translational GTPase Complexes
S Shao, J Murray, A Brown, J Taunton, V Ramakrishnan, RS Hegde
Cell 167 (5), 1229-1240. e15, 2016
Structure of the trypanosome haptoglobin–hemoglobin receptor and implications for nutrient uptake and innate immunity
MK Higgins, O Tkachenko, A Brown, J Reed, J Raper, M Carrington
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (5), 1905-1910, 2013
Structures of the human mitochondrial ribosome in native states of assembly
A Brown, S Rathore, D Kimanius, S Aibara, X Bai, J Rorbach, A Amunts, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 24 (10), 866-869, 2017
Mefloquine targets the Plasmodium falciparum 80S ribosome to inhibit protein synthesis.
W Wong, XC Bai, BE Sleebs, T Triglia, A Brown, JK Thompson, ...
Nature microbiology 2, 17031-17031, 2017
Cooperative heparin-mediated oligomerization of fibroblast growth factor-1 (FGF1) precedes recruitment of FGFR2 to ternary complexes
A Brown, CJ Robinson, JT Gallagher, TL Blundell
Biophysical journal 104 (8), 1720-1730, 2013
Molecular architecture of a complex between an adhesion protein from the malaria parasite and intracellular adhesion molecule 1
A Brown, L Turner, S Christoffersen, KA Andrews, T Szestak, Y Zhao, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (8), 5992-6003, 2013
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