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Tat-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes select for SIV escape variants during resolution of primary viraemia
TM Allen, DH O'Connor, P Jing, JL Dzuris, BR Mothé, TU Vogel, ...
Nature 407 (6802), 386-390, 2000
The major genetic determinants of HIV-1 control affect HLA class I peptide presentation
International HIV Controllers Study
Science 330 (6010), 1551-1557, 2010
Rapid, low-cost detection of Zika virus using programmable biomolecular components
K Pardee, AA Green, MK Takahashi, D Braff, G Lambert, JW Lee, ...
Cell 165 (5), 1255-1266, 2016
Virus-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses select for amino-acid variation in simian immunodeficiency virus Env and Nef
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Reversion of CTL escape–variant immunodeficiency viruses in vivo
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Acute phase cytotoxic T lymphocyte escape is a hallmark of simian immunodeficiency virus infection
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HIV-1 superinfection despite broad CD8+ T-cell responses containing replication of the primary virus
M Altfeld, TM Allen, GY Xu, MN Johnston, D Agrawal, BT Korber, ...
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A rhesus macaque model of Asian-lineage Zika virus infection
DM Dudley, MT Aliota, EL Mohr, AM Weiler, G Lehrer-Brey, KL Weisgrau, ...
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The high-frequency major histocompatibility complex class I allele Mamu-B* 17 is associated with control of simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac239 replication
LJ Yant, TC Friedrich, RC Johnson, GE May, NJ Maness, AM Enz, ...
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Biological and structural characterization of a host-adapting amino acid in influenza virus
S Yamada, M Hatta, BL Staker, S Watanabe, M Imai, K Shinya, ...
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Attenuation of simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac239 infection by prophylactic immunization with DNA and recombinant adenoviral vaccine vectors expressing Gag
DR Casimiro, F Wang, WA Schleif, X Liang, ZQ Zhang, TW Tobery, ...
Journal of virology 79 (24), 15547-15555, 2005
Vaccine-induced cellular immune responses reduce plasma viral concentrations after repeated low-dose challenge with pathogenic simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac239
NA Wilson, J Reed, GS Napoe, S Piaskowski, A Szymanski, J Furlott, ...
Journal of virology 80 (12), 5875-5885, 2006
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte–based control of simian immunodeficiency virus replication in a preclinical AIDS vaccine trial
T Matano, M Kobayashi, H Igarashi, A Takeda, H Nakamura, M Kano, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 199 (12), 1709-1718, 2004
Chloroquine, an endocytosis blocking agent, inhibits Zika virus infection in different cell models
R Delvecchio, LM Higa, P Pezzuto, AL Valadão, PP Garcez, FL Monteiro, ...
Viruses 8 (12), 322, 2016
Mesenchymal stem cells enhance allogeneic islet engraftment in nonhuman primates
DM Berman, MA Willman, D Han, G Kleiner, NM Kenyon, O Cabrera, ...
Diabetes 59 (10), 2558-2568, 2010
Major histocompatibility complex class I alleles associated with slow simian immunodeficiency virus disease progression bind epitopes recognized by dominant acute-phase …
DH O'Connor, BR Mothe, JT Weinfurter, S Fuenger, WM Rehrauer, P Jing, ...
Journal of virology 77 (16), 9029-9040, 2003
Major histocompatibility complex genotyping with massively parallel pyrosequencing
RW Wiseman, JA Karl, BN Bimber, CE O'leary, SM Lank, JJ Tuscher, ...
Nature medicine 15 (11), 1322-1326, 2009
A mucosal vaccine against diphtheria: formulation of cross reacting material (CRM197) of diphtheria toxin with chitosan enhances local and systemic antibody and Th2 responses …
EA McNeela, D O'Connor, I Jabbal-Gill, L Illum, SS Davis, M Pizza, ...
Vaccine 19 (9-10), 1188-1198, 2000
Rapid viral escape at an immunodominant simian-human immunodeficiency virus cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitope exacts a dramatic fitness cost
CS Fernandez, I Stratov, R De Rose, K Walsh, CJ Dale, MZ Smith, ...
Journal of Virology 79 (9), 5721-5731, 2005
CD8+ lymphocytes from simian immunodeficiency virus-infected rhesus macaques recognize 14 different epitopes bound by the major histocompatibility complex class I molecule mamu …
TM Allen, BR Mothé, J Sidney, P Jing, JL Dzuris, ME Liebl, TU Vogel, ...
Journal of virology 75 (2), 738-749, 2001
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