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High-contrast terahertz wave modulation by gated graphene enhanced by extraordinary transmission through ring apertures
W Gao, J Shu, K Reichel, DV Nickel, X He, G Shi, R Vajtai, PM Ajayan, ...
Nano letters 14 (3), 1242-1248, 2014
Carbon nanotube terahertz detector
X He, N Fujimura, JM Lloyd, KJ Erickson, AA Talin, Q Zhang, W Gao, ...
Nano letters 14 (7), 3953-3958, 2014
Wafer-scale monodomain films of spontaneously aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes
X He, W Gao, L Xie, B Li, Q Zhang, S Lei, JM Robinson, EH Hároz, ...
Nature nanotechnology 11 (7), 633-638, 2016
Tunable room-temperature single-photon emission at telecom wavelengths from sp 3 defects in carbon nanotubes
X He, NF Hartmann, X Ma, Y Kim, R Ihly, JL Blackburn, W Gao, J Kono, ...
Nature Photonics 11 (9), 577-582, 2017
Carbon nanotubes as emerging quantum-light sources
X He, H Htoon, SK Doorn, WHP Pernice, F Pyatkov, R Krupke, A Jeantet, ...
Nature materials 17 (8), 663-670, 2018
Uncooled carbon nanotube photodetectors
X He, F Léonard, J Kono
Advanced Optical Materials 3 (8), 989-1011, 2015
Photothermoelectric p–n junction photodetector with intrinsic broadband polarimetry based on macroscopic carbon nanotube films
X He, X Wang, S Nanot, K Cong, Q Jiang, AA Kane, JEM Goldsmith, ...
ACS nano 7 (8), 7271-7277, 2013
Circular photogalvanic effect of the two-dimensional electron gas in heterostructures under uniaxial strain
XW He, B Shen, YQ Tang, N Tang, CM Yin, FJ Xu, ZJ Yang, GY Zhang, ...
Applied Physics Letters 91 (7), 071912, 2007
Light-emitting metasurfaces: simultaneous control of spontaneous emission and far-field radiation
S Liu, A Vaskin, S Addamane, B Leung, MC Tsai, Y Yang, ...
Nano letters 18 (11), 6906-6914, 2018
Low-Temperature Single Carbon Nanotube Spectroscopy of sp3 Quantum Defects
X He, BJ Gifford, NF Hartmann, R Ihly, X Ma, SV Kilina, Y Luo, K Shayan, ...
ACS nano 11 (11), 10785-10796, 2017
Figure of merit for carbon nanotube photothermoelectric detectors
KJ Erikson, X He, AA Talin, B Mills, RH Hauge, T Iguchi, N Fujimura, ...
ACS nano 9 (12), 11618-11627, 2015
Narrow-band single-photon emission through selective aryl functionalization of zigzag carbon nanotubes
A Saha, BJ Gifford, X He, G Ao, M Zheng, H Kataura, H Htoon, S Kilina, ...
Nature Chemistry 10 (11), 1089-1095, 2018
Anomalous Photogalvanic Effect of Circularly Polarized Light Incident on the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in Heterostructures at Room Temperature
XW He, B Shen, YH Chen, Q Zhang, K Han, CM Yin, N Tang, FJ Xu, ...
Physical review letters 101 (14), 147402, 2008
Mapping structure-property relationships of organic color centers
M Kim, X Wu, G Ao, X He, H Kwon, NF Hartmann, M Zheng, SK Doorn, ...
Chem 4 (9), 2180-2191, 2018
Enhanced single-photon emission from carbon-nanotube dopant states coupled to silicon microcavities
A Ishii, X He, NF Hartmann, H Machiya, H Htoon, SK Doorn, YK Kato
Nano Letters 18 (6), 3873-3878, 2018
Room-temperature spin-oriented photocurrent under near-infrared irradiation and comparison of optical means with Shubnikov de-Haas measurements in Al x Ga 1− x N∕ Ga N …
YQ Tang, B Shen, XW He, K Han, N Tang, WH Chen, ZJ Yang, GY Zhang, ...
Applied Physics Letters 91 (7), 071920, 2007
Lattice polarity detection of InN by circular photogalvanic effect
Q Zhang, XQ Wang, XW He, CM Yin, FJ Xu, B Shen, YH Chen, ZG Wang, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (3), 031902, 2009
Anomalous linear photogalvanic effect observed in a GaN-based two-dimensional electron gas
XY Peng, Q Zhang, B Shen, JR Shi, CM Yin, XW He, FJ Xu, XQ Wang, ...
Physical Review B 84 (7), 075341, 2011
Influence of the illumination on the beating patterns in the oscillatory magnetoresistance in Al x Ga 1− x N∕ Ga N heterostructures
N Tang, B Shen, XW He, K Han, ZJ Yang, ZX Qin, GY Zhang, T Lin, B Zhu, ...
Physical Review B 76 (15), 155303, 2007
Solvent- and Wavelength-Dependent Photoluminescence Relaxation Dynamics of Carbon Nanotube sp3 Defect States
X He, KA Velizhanin, G Bullard, Y Bai, JH Olivier, NF Hartmann, BJ Gifford, ...
ACS nano 12 (8), 8060-8070, 2018
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