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Paolo Giordani
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The PREDICTS database: a global database of how local terrestrial biodiversity responds to human impacts
LN Hudson, T Newbold, S Contu, SLL Hill, I Lysenko, A De Palma, ...
Ecology and evolution 4 (24), 4701-4735, 2014
Functional traits of epiphytic lichens as potential indicators of environmental conditions in forest ecosystems
P Giordani, G Brunialti, G Bacaro, J Nascimbene
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Is the diversity of epiphytic lichens a reliable indicator of air pollution? A case study from Italy
P Giordani
Environmental Pollution 146 (2), 317-323, 2007
The database of the PREDICTS (projecting responses of ecological diversity in changing terrestrial systems) project
LN Hudson, T Newbold, S Contu, SLL Hill, I Lysenko, A De Palma, ...
Ecology and evolution 7 (1), 145-188, 2017
Effects of atmospheric pollution on lichen biodiversity (LB) in a Mediterranean region (Liguria, northwest Italy)
P Giordani, G Brunialti, D Alleteo
Environmental Pollution 118 (1), 53-64, 2002
The influence of climate on the distribution of lichens: a case study in a borderline area (Liguria, NW Italy)
P Giordani, G Incerti
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Variables influencing the distribution of epiphytic lichens in heterogeneous areas: a case study for Liguria, NW Italy
P Giordani
Journal of Vegetation Science 17 (2), 195-206, 2006
Determinant factors for the formation of the calcium oxalate minerals, weddellite and whewellite, on the surface of foliose lichens
P Giordani, P Modenesi, M Tretiach
The Lichenologist 35 (3), 255-270, 2003
Variability of lichen diversity in a climatically heterogeneous area (Liguria, NW Italy)
G Brunialti, P Giordani
The Lichenologist 35 (1), 55-69, 2003
Functional traits of cryptogams in M editerranean ecosystems are driven by water, light and substrate interactions
P Giordani, G Incerti, G Rizzi, I Rellini, PL Nimis, P Modenesi
Journal of Vegetation Science 25 (3), 778-792, 2014
Detecting the nitrogen critical loads on European forests by means of epiphytic lichens. A signal-to-noise evaluation
P Giordani, V Calatayud, S Stofer, W Seidling, O Granke, R Fischer
Forest Ecology and Management 311, 29-40, 2014
Identifying deviations from naturality of lichen diversity for bioindication purposes
S Loppi, P Giordani, G Brunialti, D Isocrono, R Piervittori
Monitoring with lichens—monitoring lichens, 281-284, 2002
The response of epiphytic lichens to air pollution and subsets of ecological predictors: A case study from the Italian Prealps
F Cristofolini, P Giordani, E Gottardini, P Modenesi
Environmental Pollution 151 (2), 308-317, 2008
The lichen genus Xanthoparmelia (Ascomycotina, Parmeliaceae) in Italy
P Giordani, P Nicora, I Rellini, G Brunialti, JA Elix
The Lichenologist 34 (3), 189-198, 2002
Oxidative stress and usnic acid content in Parmelia caperata and Parmelia soredians (Lichenes)
AM Caviglia, P Nicora, P Giordani, G Brunialti, P Modenesi
Il Farmaco 56 (5-7), 379-382, 2001
A new scale for the interpretation of lichen biodiversity values in the Thyrrenian side of Italy
S Loppi, P Giordani, G Brunialti, D Isocrono, R Piervittori
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Climate change fosters the decline of epiphytic Lobaria species in Italy
J Nascimbene, G Casazza, R Benesperi, I Catalano, D Cataldo, M Grillo, ...
Biological Conservation 201, 377-384, 2016
Biomonitoring of trace metals by different species of lichens (Parmelia) in North-West Italy
V Minganti, R Capelli, G Drava, R De Pellegrini, G Brunialti, P Giordani, ...
Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry 45 (3), 219-229, 2003
Prenatal exposure to cadmium, placental permeability and birth outcomes in coastal populations of South Africa
HB Röllin, T Kootbodien, K Channa, JØ Odland
PLoS One 10 (11), e0142455, 2015
Patterns and drivers of β‐diversity and similarity of Lobaria pulmonaria communities in Italian forests
J Nascimbene, R Benesperi, G Brunialti, I Catalano, MD Vedove, M Grillo, ...
Journal of Ecology 101 (2), 493-505, 2013
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