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Dye-sensitized solar cells with conversion efficiency of 11.1%
Y Chiba, A Islam, Y Watanabe, R Komiya, N Koide, L Han
Japanese journal of applied physics 45 (7L), L638, 2006
Efficient and stable large-area perovskite solar cells with inorganic charge extraction layers
W Chen, Y Wu, Y Yue, J Liu, W Zhang, X Yang, H Chen, E Bi, I Ashraful, ...
Science 350 (6263), 944-948, 2015
Retarding the crystallization of PbI 2 for highly reproducible planar-structured perovskite solar cells via sequential deposition
Y Wu, A Islam, X Yang, C Qin, J Liu, K Zhang, W Peng, L Han
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (9), 2934-2938, 2014
High-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cell with a novel co-adsorbent
L Han, A Islam, H Chen, C Malapaka, B Chiranjeevi, S Zhang, X Yang, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (3), 6057-6060, 2012
A dopant-free hole-transporting material for efficient and stable perovskite solar cells
J Liu, Y Wu, C Qin, X Yang, T Yasuda, A Islam, K Zhang, W Peng, W Chen, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (9), 2963-2967, 2014
Improvement of efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells based on analysis of equivalent circuit
N Koide, A Islam, Y Chiba, L Han
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: chemistry 182 (3), 296-305, 2006
Perovskite solar cells with 18.21% efficiency and area over 1 cm 2 fabricated by heterojunction engineering
Y Wu, X Yang, W Chen, Y Yue, M Cai, F Xie, E Bi, A Islam, L Han
Nature Energy 1 (11), 1-7, 2016
Improvement of efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by reduction of internal resistance
L Han, N Koide, Y Chiba, A Islam, R Komiya, N Fuke, A Fukui, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (21), 213501, 2005
Actin gene expression visualized in chicken muscle tissue culture by using in situ hybridization with a biotinated nucleotide analog
RH Singer, DC Ward
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 79 (23), 7331-7335, 1982
pH optima for crop growth
A Islam, DG Edwards, CJ Asher
Plant and soil 54 (3), 339-357, 1980
Prospects of improving efficiency of fertiliser nitrogen in Australian agriculture: a review of enhanced efficiency fertilisers
D Chen, H Suter, A Islam, R Edis, JR Freney, CN Walker
Soil Research 46 (4), 289-301, 2008
Colloidal quantum dot solar cells
S Emin, SP Singh, L Han, N Satoh, A Islam
Solar Energy 85 (6), 1264-1282, 2011
Modeling of an equivalent circuit for dye-sensitized solar cells: improvement of efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by reducing internal resistance
L Han, N Koide, Y Chiba, A Islam, T Mitate
Comptes Rendus Chimie 9 (5-6), 645-651, 2006
Dye sensitization of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide with square planar platinum (II) diimine dithiolate complexes
A Islam, H Sugihara, K Hara, LP Singh, R Katoh, M Yanagida, ...
Inorganic chemistry 40 (21), 5371-5380, 2001
Hybrid interfacial layer leads to solid performance improvement of inverted perovskite solar cells
W Chen, Y Wu, J Liu, C Qin, X Yang, A Islam, YB Cheng, L Han
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (2), 629-640, 2015
A novel D–A-π-A organic sensitizer containing a diketopyrrolopyrrole unit with a branched alkyl chain for highly efficient and stable dye-sensitized solar cells
S Qu, C Qin, A Islam, Y Wu, W Zhu, J Hua, H Tian, L Han
Chemical Communications 48 (55), 6972-6974, 2012
Dye-Sensitized Nanocrystalline TiO2 Solar Cells Based on Ruthenium(II) Phenanthroline Complex Photosensitizers
K Hara, H Sugihara, Y Tachibana, A Islam, M Yanagida, K Sayama, ...
Langmuir 17 (19), 5992-5999, 2001
Molecular design of ruthenium (II) polypyridyl photosensitizers for efficient nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells
A Islam, H Sugihara, H Arakawa
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 158 (2-3), 131-138, 2003
Highly compact TiO2 layer for efficient hole-blocking in perovskite solar cells
Y Wu, X Yang, H Chen, K Zhang, C Qin, J Liu, W Peng, A Islam, E Bi, F Ye, ...
Applied Physics Express 7 (5), 052301, 2014
Diffusion engineering of ions and charge carriers for stable efficient perovskite solar cells
E Bi, H Chen, F Xie, Y Wu, W Chen, Y Su, A Islam, M Grätzel, X Yang, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-7, 2017
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