Ethan Obie Romero-Severson
Ethan Obie Romero-Severson
Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Lab
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High contagiousness and rapid spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
S Sanche, YT Lin, C Xu, E Romero-Severson, N Hengartner, R Ke
Emerging infectious diseases 26 (7), 1470, 2020
The novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, is highly contagious and more infectious than initially estimated
S Sanche, YT Lin, C Xu, E Romero-Severson, NW Hengartner, R Ke
arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.03268, 2020
HIV-1 transmission during early infection in men who have sex with men: a phylodynamic analysis
EM Volz, E Ionides, EO Romero-Severson, MG Brandt, E Mokotoff, ...
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Phylogenetically resolving epidemiologic linkage
EO Romero-Severson, I Bulla, T Leitner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (10), 2690-2695, 2016
Timing and order of transmission events is not directly reflected in a pathogen phylogeny
E Romero-Severson, H Skar, I Bulla, J Albert, T Leitner
Molecular biology and evolution 31 (9), 2472-2482, 2014
Tracking HIV-1 recombination to resolve its contribution to HIV-1 evolution in natural infection
H Song, EE Giorgi, VV Ganusov, F Cai, G Athreya, H Yoon, O Carja, ...
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Detection of alpha-thalassemia in beta-thalassemia carriers and prevention of Hb Bart's hydrops fetalis through prenatal screening
D Li, C Liao, J Li, X Xie, Y Huang, H Zhong
haematologica 91 (5), 649-651, 2006
Semidominant Mutations in Reduced Epidermal Fluorescence 4 Reduce Phenylpropanoid Content in Arabidopsis
J Stout, E Romero-Severson, MO Ruegger, C Chapple
Genetics 178 (4), 2237-2251, 2008
Episodic HIV risk behavior can greatly amplify HIV prevalence and the fraction of transmissions from acute HIV infection
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Inference of transmission network structure from HIV phylogenetic trees
F Giardina, EO Romero-Severson, J Albert, T Britton, T Leitner
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Phylodynamic inference across epidemic scales
EM Volz, E Romero-Severson, T Leitner
Molecular Biology and Evolution 34 (5), 1276-1288, 2017
Dynamic sex roles among men who have sex with men and transmissions from primary HIV infection
SJ Alam, E Romero-Severson, JH Kim, G Emond, JS Koopman
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) 21 (5), 669, 2010
Phylogenetic patterns recover known HIV epidemiological relationships and reveal common transmission of multiple variants
T Leitner, E Romero-Severson
Nature microbiology 3 (9), 983-988, 2018
Fast spread of COVID-19 in Europe and the US suggests the necessity of early, strong and comprehensive interventions
R Ke, S Sanche, E Romero-Severson, N Hengartner
medRxiv, 2020
Estimating the reproductive number R0 of SARS-CoV-2 in the United States and eight European countries and implications for vaccination
R Ke, E Romero-Severson, S Sanche, N Hengartner
Journal of theoretical biology 517, 110621, 2021
Heterogeneity in number and type of sexual contacts in a gay urban cohort
EO Romero-Severson, SJ Alam, EM Volz, JS Koopman
Statistical communications in infectious diseases 4 (1), 2012
Recombination enhances HIV-1 envelope diversity by facilitating the survival of latent genomic fragments in the plasma virus population
TT Immonen, JM Conway, EO Romero-Severson, AS Perelson, T Leitner
PLoS computational biology 11 (12), e1004625, 2015
Dynamic variation in sexual contact rates in a cohort of HIV-negative gay men
EO Romero-Severson, E Volz, JS Koopman, T Leitner, EL Ionides
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Acute-stage transmission of HIV: effect of volatile contact rates
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Detectable signals of episodic risk effects on acute HIV transmission: strategies for analyzing transmission systems using genetic data
SJ Alam, X Zhang, EO Romero-Severson, C Henry, L Zhong, EM Volz, ...
Epidemics 5 (1), 44-55, 2013
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