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Cloned pigs produced by nuclear transfer from adult somatic cells
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A sheep model of cystic fibrosis generated by CRISPR/Cas9 disruption of the CFTR gene
Z Fan, IV Perisse, CU Cotton, M Regouski, Q Meng, C Domb, ...
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Global gene expression analysis of bovine blastocysts produced by multiple methods
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Complete genome sequences of three historically important, spatiotemporally distinct, and genetically divergent strains of Zika virus: MR-766, P6-740, and PRVABC-59
SI Yun, BH Song, JC Frank, JG Julander, IA Polejaeva, CJ Davies, ...
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Targeted disruption of the porcine immunoglobulin kappa light chain locus
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Livestock in biomedical research: history, current status and future prospective
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Efficient generation of chimaeric mice using embryonic stem cells after long-term culture in the presence of ciliary neurotrophic factor
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Donor-derived spermatogenesis following stem cell transplantation in sterile NANOS2 knockout males
M Ciccarelli, MI Giassetti, D Miao, MJ Oatley, C Robbins, ...
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Comparison of meat composition from offspring of cloned and conventionally produced boars
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Increased susceptibility to atrial fibrillation secondary to atrial fibrosis in transgenic goats expressing transforming growth factor‐β1
IA Polejaeva, R Ranjan, CJ Davies, M Regouski, J Hall, AL Olsen, ...
Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology 27 (10), 1220-1229, 2016
Stem cell potency and the ability to contribute to chimeric organisms
I Polejaeva, S Mitalipov
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A method for determining zygosity of transgenic zebrafish by TaqMan real-time PCR
W Ji, W Zhou, R Abruzzese, W Guo, A Blake, S Davis, S Davis, ...
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Prolactin-induced termination of obligate diapause of mink (Mustela vison) blastocysts in vitro and subsequent establishment of embryonic stem-like cells
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Improvements in gene editing technology boost its applications in livestock
IV Perisse, Z Fan, GN Singina, KL White, IA Polejaeva
Frontiers in genetics 11, 614688, 2021
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