Andrey Mishchenko
Andrey Mishchenko
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Diagrammatic quantum Monte Carlo study of the Fröhlich polaron
AS Mishchenko, NV Prokof’Ev, A Sakamoto, BV Svistunov
Physical Review B 62 (10), 6317, 2000
Electron-Phonon Coupling and a Polaron in the Model: From the Weak to the Strong Coupling Regime
AS Mishchenko, N Nagaosa
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Polaronic metal state at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface
C Cancellieri, AS Mishchenko
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DJJ Marchand, G De Filippis, V Cataudella, M Berciu, N Nagaosa, ...
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Charge Dynamics of Doped Holes in High Cuprate Superconductors: A Clue from Optical Conductivity
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Critical phenomena of emergent magnetic monopoles in a chiral magnet
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Distribution of localized states from fine analysis of electron spin resonance spectra in organic transistors
H Matsui, AS Mishchenko, T Hasegawa
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Witnessing the formation and relaxation of dressed quasi-particles in a strongly correlated electron system
F Novelli, G De Filippis, V Cataudella, M Esposito, I Vergara, F Cilento, ...
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G De Filippis, V Cataudella, EA Nowadnick, TP Devereaux, ...
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Temperature Dependence of the Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectra in the Undoped Cuprates: Self-Consistent Approach to the Holstein Model
V Cataudella, G De Filippis, AS Mishchenko, N Nagaosa
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Validity of the Franck-Condon principle in the optical spectroscopy: optical conductivity of the Fröhlich polaron
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Diagrammatic Monte Carlo method for many-polaron problems
AS Mishchenko, N Nagaosa, N Prokof’ev
Physical Review Letters 113 (16), 166402, 2014
Numerical analytic continuation: Answers to well-posed questions
O Goulko, AS Mishchenko, L Pollet, N Prokof'ev, B Svistunov
Physical Review B 95 (1), 014102, 2017
Interplay between heavy fermions and crystal-field excitation in Kondo lattices: Low-temperature thermodynamics and inelastic neutron scattering spectra of CeNiSn
Y Kagan, KA Kikoin, AS Mishchenko
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Mobility of Holstein polaron at finite temperature: an unbiased approach
AS Mishchenko, N Nagaosa, G De Filippis, A De Candia, V Cataudella
Physical Review Letters 114 (14), 146401, 2015
Electron-phonon coupling in underdoped high-temperature superconductors
AS Mishchenko
Ohysics-Uspekhi 52 (12), 1193, 2009
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