Yanzhao An
Yanzhao An
Associate Professor, State Kay laboratory of Engine, Tianjin University
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An experimental study of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and soot emissions from a GDI engine fueled with commercial gasoline
Y An, S Teng, Y Pei, J Qin, X Li, H Zhao
Fuel 164, 160-171, 2016
Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) and partially premixed combustion (PPC) in compression ignition engine with low octane gasoline
Y An, M Jaasim, V Raman, FEH Pérez, J Sim, J Chang, HG Im, ...
Energy 158, 181-191, 2018
Development of a PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) formation model for gasoline surrogates and its application for GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine CFD (computational …
Y An, Y Pei, J Qin, H Zhao, S Teng, B Li, X Li
Energy 94, 367-379, 2016
Numerical simulation of combustion and soot under partially premixed combustion of low-octane gasoline
Y An, M Jaasim, R Vallinayagam, S Vedharaj, HG Im, B Johansson
Fuel 211, 420-431, 2018
Development of a soot particle model with PAHs as precursors through simulations and experiments
Y An, X Li, S Teng, K Wang, Y Pei, J Qin, H Zhao
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Kinetic modeling of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons formation process for gasoline surrogate fuels
Y An, Y Pei, J Qin, H Zhao, X Li
Energy Conversion and Management 100, 249-261, 2015
Naphtha vs. dieseline–The effect of fuel properties on combustion homogeneity in transition from CI combustion towards HCCI
R Vallinayagam, Y An, S Vedharaj, J Sim, J Chang, B Johansson
Fuel 224, 451-460, 2018
Combustion stability study of partially premixed combustion with low-octane fuel at low engine load conditions
Y An, V Raman, Q Tang, H Shi, J Sim, J Chang, G Magnotti, B Johansson
Applied Energy 235, 56-67, 2019
In-cylinder combustion and soot evolution in the transition from conventional compression ignition (CI) mode to partially premixed combustion (PPC) mode
Y An, M Jaasim, V Raman, HG Im, B Johansson
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Combustion stratification for naphtha from CI combustion to PPC
R Vallinayagam, S Vedharaj, Y An, A Dawood, M Izadi Najafabadi, ...
SAE International, 2017
Impact of spray-wall interaction on the in-cylinder spatial unburned hydrocarbon distribution of a gasoline partially premixed combustion engine
V Raman, Q Tang, Y An, H Shi, P Sharma, G Magnotti, J Chang, ...
Combustion and Flame 215, 157-168, 2020
Combustion stability study of partially premixed combustion by high-pressure multiple injections with low-octane fuel
Y An, Q Tang, R Vallinayagam, H Shi, J Sim, J Chang, G Magnotti, ...
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Statistical study on engine knock oscillation and heat release using multiple spark plugs and pressure sensors
H Shi, K Uddeen, Y An, Y Pei, B Johansson
Fuel 297, 120746, 2021
Multiple spark plugs coupled with pressure sensors: A new approach for knock mechanism study on SI engines
H Shi, K Uddeen, Y An, Y Pei, B Johansson
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Q Tang, Y An, V Raman, H Shi, J Sim, J Chang, G Magnotti, B Johansson
Energy & Fuels 33 (6), 5673-5681, 2019
Analysis of transition from HCCI to CI via PPC with low octane gasoline fuels using optical diagnostics and soot particle analysis
Y An, R Vallinayagam, S Vedharaj, JB Masurier, A Dawood, ...
SAE Technical Paper, 2017
Study of spray/wall interaction in transition zones from HCCI via PPC to CI combustion modes
H Shi, Q Tang, Y An, V Raman, J Sim, J Chang, G Magnotti, B Johansson
Fuel 268, 117341, 2020
Combustion homogeneity and emission analysis during the transition from CI to HCCI for FACE I gasoline
S Vedharaj, R Vallinayagam, Y An, MI Najafabadi, B Somers, J Chang, ...
SAE Technical Paper, 2017
Compression ignition of low octane gasoline under partially premixed combustion mode
Y An, MJM Ali, R Vallinayagam, A AlRamadan, J Sim, J Chang, H Im, ...
SAE Technical Paper, 2018
安彦召, 黄豪中, 苏万华, 毛立伟, 梁源飞
内燃机学报 31 (2), 103-108, 2013
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