Daniel J Mayor
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Hadal trenches: the ecology of the deepest places on Earth
AJ Jamieson, T Fujii, DJ Mayor, M Solan, IG Priede
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 25 (3), 190-197, 2010
Reconciliation of the carbon budget in the ocean’s twilight zone
SLC Giering, R Sanders, RS Lampitt, TR Anderson, C Tamburini, ...
Nature 507 (7493), 480-483, 2014
Diatom carbon export enhanced by silicate upwelling in the northeast Atlantic
JT Allen, L Brown, R Sanders, C Mark Moore, A Mustard, S Fielding, ...
Nature 437 (7059), 728-732, 2005
CO2-induced acidification affects hatching success in Calanus finmarchicus
DJ Mayor, C Matthews, K Cook, AF Zuur, S Hay
Toward the integrated marine debris observing system
N Maximenko, P Corradi, KL Law, E Van Sebille, SP Garaba, RS Lampitt, ...
Frontiers in marine science 6, 447, 2019
End of century ocean warming and acidification effects on reproductive success in a temperate marine copepod
DJ Mayor, NR Everett, KB Cook
Journal of Plankton Research 34 (3), 258-262, 2012
Feeding of Calanus finmarchicus and Oithona similis on the microplankton assemblage in the Irminger Sea, North Atlantic
C Castellani, X Irigoien, DJ Mayor, RP Harris, D Wilson
Journal of Plankton Research 30 (10), 1095-1116, 2008
The impact of demersal trawling on northeast Atlantic deepwater coral habitats: the case of the Darwin Mounds, United Kingdom
AJ Wheeler, BJ Bett, DSM Billett, DG Masson, DJ Mayor
American Fisheries Society Symposium 41, 807-818, 2005
Microbial gardening in the ocean's twilight zone: Detritivorous metazoans benefit from fragmenting, rather than ingesting, sinking detritus
DJ Mayor, R Sanders, SLC Giering, TR Anderson
BioEssays 36 (12), 1132-1137, 2014
Absorption efficiencies and basal turnover of C, N and fatty acids in a marine Calanoid copepod
DJ Mayor, K Cook, B Thornton, P Walsham, UFM Witte, AF Zuur, ...
Functional Ecology 25 (3), 509-518, 2011
Spatial demography of Calanus finmarchicus in the Irminger Sea
MR Heath, J Rasmussen, Y Ahmed, J Allen, CIH Anderson, AS Brierley, ...
Progress in Oceanography 76 (1), 39-88, 2008
Terrestrial dissolved organic matter distribution in the North Sea
SC Painter, DJ Lapworth, EMS Woodward, S Kroeger, CD Evans, ...
Science of the Total Environment 630, 630-647, 2018
Community structure and diversity of scavenging amphipods from bathyal to hadal depths in three South Pacific Trenches
NC Lacey, AA Rowden, MR Clark, NM Kilgallen, T Linley, DJ Mayor, ...
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 111, 121-137, 2016
Acute toxicity of some treatments commonly used by the salmonid aquaculture industry to Corophium volutator and Hediste diversicolor: Whole sediment bioassay tests
DJ Mayor, M Solan, I Martinez, L Murray, H McMillan, GI Paton, K Killham
Aquaculture 285 (1-4), 102-108, 2008
The metabolic response of marine copepods to environmental warming and ocean acidification in the absence of food
DJ Mayor, U Sommer, KB Cook, MR Viant
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 1-12, 2015
Resource quality affects carbon cycling in deep-sea sediments
DJ Mayor, B Thornton, S Hay, AF Zuur, GW Nicol, JM McWilliam, ...
The ISME journal 6 (9), 1740-1748, 2012
Quantifying carbon fluxes from primary production to mesopelagic fish using a simple food web model
TR Anderson, AP Martin, RS Lampitt, CN Trueman, SA Henson, DJ Mayor
ICES Journal of Marine Science 76 (3), 690-701, 2019
Carbon on the northwest European shelf: Contemporary budget and future influences
O Legge, M Johnson, N Hicks, T Jickells, M Diesing, J Aldridge, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 143, 2020
Egg production and associated losses of carbon, nitrogen and fatty acids from maternal biomass in Calanus finmarchicus before the spring bloom
DJ Mayor, TR Anderson, DW Pond, X Irigoien
Journal of Marine Systems 78 (4), 505-510, 2009
Feeding and reproduction of Calanus finmarchicus during non-bloom conditions in the Irminger Sea
DJ Mayor, TR Anderson, X Irigoien, R Harris
Journal of plankton research 28 (12), 1167-1179, 2006
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