Maryam Shabani
Maryam Shabani
Ph.D of Chemical Engineering, PostDoc Researcher, Sahand University of Technology
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Facile one-pot ultrasound-assisted solvothermal fabrication of ball-flowerlike nanostructured (BiOBr) x (Bi7O9I3) 1-x solid-solution for high active photodegradation of …
SG Fard, M Haghighi, M Shabani
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Ultrasound assisted dispersion of Bi2Sn2O7-C3N4 nanophotocatalyst over various amount of zeolite Y for enhanced solar-light photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline in …
S Heidari, M Haghighi, M Shabani
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One-pot combustion fabrication of grain-like mesoporous intra-heterostructure Bi x O y Cl z nanophotocatalyst with substantial solar-light-driven degradation of antibiotic …
M Shabani, M Haghighi, D Kahforoushan
Catalysis Science & Technology 8 (16), 4052-4069, 2018
Mesoporous-mixed-phase of hierarchical bismuth oxychlorides nanophotocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic application in treatment of antibiotic effluents
M Shabani, M Haghighi, D Kahforoushan, A Haghighi
Journal of Cleaner Production 207, 444-457, 2019
Sono-solvothermal hybrid fabrication of BiOCl-Bi24O31Cl10/rGO nano-heterostructure photocatalyst with efficient solar-light-driven performance in degradation of fluoroquinolone …
M Shabani, M Haghighi, D Kahforoushan, A Haghighi
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 193, 335-350, 2019
Efficient photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in aqueous solution over flowerlike nanostructured MoS2-FeZnO staggered heterojunction under simulated solar-light …
A Ghalajkhani, M Haghighi, M Shabani
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 359, 145-156, 2018
Sunlight-activated BiOCl/BiOBr–Bi24O31Br10 photocatalyst for the removal of pharmaceutical compounds
S Heidari, M Haghighi, M Shabani
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Sono-solvothermal fabrication of ball-flowerlike Bi2O7Sn2-Bi7O9I3 nanophotocatalyst with efficient solar-light-driven activity for degradation of antibiotic tetracycline
HF Motlagh, M Haghighi, M Shabani
Solar Energy 180, 25-38, 2019
Grain-like bismuth-rich bismuth/bismuth oxychlorides intra-heterojunction: Efficacious solar-light-driven photodegradation of fluoroquinolone antibiotics and 2-level factorial …
M Shabani, M Haghighi, D Kahforoushan, S Heidari
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 96, 243-255, 2019
Plasmon-assisted demolition of antibiotic using sono-photoreduction decoration of Ag on 2D C3N4 nanophotocatalyst enhanced with acid-treated clinoptilolite
M Jodeyri, M Haghighi, M Shabani
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Sono-photodeposition of Ag over sono-fabricated mesoporous Bi2Sn2O7-two dimensional carbon nitride: Type-II plasmonic nano-heterojunction with simulated sunlight-driven …
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Influence of fuel type and microwave combustion on in-situ fabrication of BimOnBrz mixed-phase nanostructured photocatalyst: Effective sun-light photo-response ability in …
M Khodaeipour, M Haghighi, M Shabani, N Mohseni
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A method for the removal of Cu (II) from aqueous solutions by sulfide precipitation employing heavy oil fly ash
N Rostamnezhad, D Kahforoushan, E Sahraei, S Ghanbarian, M Shabani
Desalination and Water Treatment 57 (37), 17593-17602, 2016
Sunlight-activated 3D-mesoporous-flowerlike Cl–Br bismuth oxides nanosheet solid solution: In situ EG-thermal-sonication synthesis with excellent photodecomposition of …
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Enhanced-photoreduction deposition of Ag over sono-dispersed C3N4-Clinoptilolite used as nanophotocatalyst for efficient photocatalytic degradation of …
M Jodeyri, M Haghighi, M Shabani
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 30 (15), 13877-13894, 2019
Copper Plasmon-Induced Cu-Doped ZnO-CuO Double-Nanoheterojunction: In-Situ Combustion Synthesis and Photo-decontamination of Textile Effluents
E Abbasi, M Haghighi, R Shokrani, M Shabani
Materials Research Bulletin, 110880, 2020
Oxygen-rich bismuth oxybromide nanosheets coupled with Ag2O as Z-scheme nano-heterostructured plasmonic photocatalyst: Solar light-activated photodegradation of dye pollutants
A Haghighi, M Haghighi, M Shabani, SG Fard
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 124406, 2020
Solar-Assisted photocatalytic elimination of Azo dye effluent using plasmonic AgCl anchored flower-like Bi4O5I2 as staggered nano-sized photocatalyst designed via sono …
A Niyati, M Haghighi, M Shabani
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 115, 144-159, 2020
The Application of Ozonation Process for the Treatment of Landfill Leachate
M Shabani, E Fatehifar, A Baradar Khoshfetrat, D Kahforoushan
Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering 44 (76), 39-45, 2014
Contamination Removal of Landfill Leachate by using Ozone Treatment
M Shabani, E Fatehifar, AB Khoshfetrat, D Kahforoushan
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