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A fast deposition‐crystallization procedure for highly efficient lead iodide perovskite thin‐film solar cells
M Xiao, F Huang, W Huang, Y Dkhissi, Y Zhu, J Etheridge, A Gray‐Weale, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (37), 9898-9903, 2014
Gas-assisted preparation of lead iodide perovskite films consisting of a monolayer of single crystalline grains for high efficiency planar solar cells
F Huang, Y Dkhissi, W Huang, M Xiao, I Benesperi, S Rubanov, Y Zhu, ...
Nano energy 10, 10-18, 2014
Hyperbranched polymers by thiol− yne chemistry: from small molecules to functional polymers
D Konkolewicz, A Gray-Weale, S Perrier
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (50), 18075-18077, 2009
An explanation for the charge on water’s surface
A Gray-Weale, JK Beattie
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (46), 10994-11005, 2009
RAFT polymerization kinetics: combination of apparently conflicting models
D Konkolewicz, BS Hawkett, A Gray-Weale, S Perrier
Macromolecules 41 (17), 6400-6412, 2008
Hyperbranched alternating block copolymers using thiol–yne chemistry: materials with tuneable properties
D Konkolewicz, CK Poon, A Gray-Weale, S Perrier
Chemical Communications 47 (1), 239-241, 2011
Theory of Multiple‐Detection Size‐Exclusion Chromatography of Complex Branched Polymers
M Gaborieau, RG Gilbert, A Gray‐Weale, JM Hernandez, P Castignolles
Macromolecular theory and simulations 16 (1), 13-28, 2007
RAFT polymerization kinetics: How long are the cross‐terminating oligomers?
D Konkolewicz, BS Hawkett, A Gray‐Weale, S Perrier
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 47 (14), 3455-3466, 2009
Transition-state theory model for the diffusion coefficients of small penetrants in glassy polymers
AA Gray-Weale, RH Henchman, RG Gilbert, ML Greenfield, ...
Macromolecules 30 (23), 7296-7306, 1997
Comparative structural analyses of purified glycogen particles from rat liver, human skeletal muscle and commercial preparations
JH Ryu, J Drain, JH Kim, S McGee, A Gray-Weale, L Waddington, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 45 (5), 478-482, 2009
pH and the surface tension of water
JK Beattie, AM Djerdjev, A Gray-Weale, N Kallay, J Lützenkirchen, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 422, 54-57, 2014
Thermodynamic limit of exciton fission solar cell efficiency
MJY Tayebjee, AA Gray-Weale, TW Schmidt
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 3 (19), 2749-2754, 2012
Nature of α and β particles in glycogen using molecular size distributions
MA Sullivan, F Vilaplana, RA Cave, D Stapleton, AA Gray-Weale, ...
Biomacromolecules 11 (4), 1094-1100, 2010
The biological function of an insect antifreeze protein simulated by molecular dynamics
MJ Kuiper, CJ Morton, SE Abraham, A Gray-Weale
Elife 4, e05142, 2015
A numerical model for charge transport and energy conversion of perovskite solar cells
Y Zhou, A Gray-Weale
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (6), 4476-4486, 2016
Role of protein flexibility in ion permeation: a case study in gramicidin A
T Baştuğ, A Gray-Weale, SM Patra, S Kuyucak
Biophysical journal 90 (7), 2285-2296, 2006
Luminescent hyperbranched polymers: Combining thiol-yne chemistry with gold-mediated c− h bond activation
D Konkolewicz, S Gaillard, AG West, YY Cheng, A Gray-Weale, ...
Organometallics 30 (6), 1315-1318, 2011
Randomly hyperbranched polymers
D Konkolewicz, RG Gilbert, A Gray-Weale
Physical review letters 98 (23), 238301, 2007
Nanoparticle enhanced conductivity in organic ionic plastic crystals: space charge versus strain induced defect mechanism
Y Shekibi, A Gray-Weale, DR MacFarlane, AJ Hill, M Forsyth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (30), 11463-11468, 2007
Oil/water interface charged by hydroxide ions and deprotonated fatty acids: a comment
JK Beattie, A Gray‐Weale
Angewandte Chemie 124 (52), 13115-13116, 2012
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