Ehsan Soheyli
Ehsan Soheyli
Postdoctoral Research Fellow- Solid State Physics
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AgNPs/QDs@GQDs nanocomposites developed as an ultrasensitive impedimetric aptasensor for ractopamine detection
M Roushani, M Ghanbarzadeh, F Shahdost-fard, R Sahraei, E Soheyli
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Colloidal synthesis of tunably luminescent AgInS-based/ZnS core/shell quantum dots as biocompatible nano-probe for high-contrast fluorescence bioimaging
E Soheyli, B Ghaemi, R Sahraei, Z Sabzevari, S Kharrazi, A Amani
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R Sahraei, F Mohammadi, E Soheyli, M Roushani
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Luminescent, low-toxic and stable gradient-alloyed Fe:ZnSe(S)@ZnSe(S) core:shell quantum dots as a sensitive fluorescent sensor for lead ions
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E Soheyli, R Sahraei, G Nabiyouni
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Aqueous-based synthesis of Cd-free and highly emissive Fe-doped ZnSe (S)/ZnSe (S) core/shell quantum dots with antibacterial activity
E Soheyli, R Sahraei, G Nabiyouni, AA Hatamnia, A Rostamzad, ...
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 529, 520-530, 2018
Synthesis and optimization of emission characteristics of water-dispersible Ag-In-S quantum dots and their bactericidal activity
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Z Seidalilir, E Soheyli, M Sabaeian, R Sahraei
Journal of Molecular Liquids 320, 114373, 2020
Preparation of highly emissive and reproducible Cu–In–S/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with a mid-gap emission character
N Nadhim Jawhar, E Soheyli*, A Faruk Yazici, E Mutlugun, R Sahraei
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 824, 153906, 2020
Multi-colored type-I Ag-doped ZnCdS/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with intense emission
E Soheyli, S Behrouzi, Z Sharifirad, R Sahraei
Ceramics International 45 (9), 11501-11507, 2019
An electrochemical tyrosinamide aptasensor using a glassy carbon electrode modified by N-acetyl-l-cysteine-capped Ag-In-S QDs
K Ghanbari, M Roushani, E Soheyli, R Sahraei
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Facile, one-pot and scalable synthesis of highly emissive aqueous-based Ag,Ni:ZnCdS/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with high chemical and optical stability
R Sahraei, E Soheyli, Z Faraji, M Soleiman-Beigi
Nanotechnology 28, 475604, 2017
Investigation of thermal and electrical conductivity of phosphate glasses containing two transition metal oxides, lithium oxide and calcium oxide
E Soheyli, MHH Shoar
Physica Scripta 89 (7), 075801, 2014
Rational design of chemical bath deposition technique for successful preparation of Mn-doped CdS nanostructured thin films with controlled optical properties
F Khani Kharabaneh, E Ghavidel, E Soheyli*, AF Yazici, ...
Ceramics International 47 (4), 5523-5533, 2021
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Preparation of quaternary boro-phosphate multifunctional glasses and their structural, optical, switching and antibacterial properties
M Baazm, E Soheyli*, MH Hekmatshoar, A Rostamzad, AKC Abad
Ceramics International 44 (8), 9414-9421, 2018
Improved chemical deposition of cobalt-doped CdS nanostructured thin films via nucleation-doping strategy: Surface and optical properties
P Khani, R Sahraei, Z Sharifirad, E Ghavidel, H Nourolahi, NN Jawhar, ...
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Biologically Green Synthesis of High-quality Silver Nanoparticles Using Scrophularia striata Boiss Plant Extract and Verifying Their Antibacterial Activities
H Tolouietabar, AA Hatamnia, R Sahraei, E Soheyli*
Journal of Nanostructures 10 (1), 44-51, 2020
Facile and versatile preparation of full-color emissive Fe-doped ZnCdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots by a novel aqueous-based colloidal approach
E Soheyli, R Sahraei, G Nabiyouni
Journal of Luminescence 205, 525-531, 2019
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