Jaime Puertolas
Jaime Puertolas
Lecturer in Plant Physiology. Universidad de La Laguna
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Increase in size and nitrogen concentration enhances seedling survival in Mediterranean plantations. Insights from an ecophysiological conceptual model of plant survival
P Villar-Salvador, J Puértolas, B Cuesta, JL Peñuelas, M Uscola, ...
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Why do large, nitrogen rich seedlings better resist stressful transplanting conditions? A physiological analysis in two functionally contrasting Mediterranean forest species
B Cuesta, P Villar-Salvador, J Puértolas, DF Jacobs, JMR Benayas
Forest Ecology and Management 260 (1), 71-78, 2010
Facilitation of Quercus ilex in Mediterranean shrubland is explained by both direct and indirect interactions mediated by herbs
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The importance of soil drying and re-wetting in crop phytohormonal and nutritional responses to deficit irrigation
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Water-use efficiency in cork oak (Quercus suber) is modified by the interaction of water and light availabilities
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Nursery fertilization enhances survival and physiological status in Canary Island pine (Pinus canariensis) seedlings planted in a semiarid environment
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Local root abscisic acid (ABA) accumulation depends on the spatial distribution of soil moisture in potato: implications for ABA signalling under heterogeneous soil drying
J Puértolas, MR Conesa, C Ballester, IC Dodd
Journal of experimental botany 66 (8), 2325-2334, 2015
Ecological restoration in degraded drylands: the need to improve the seedling quality and site conditions in the field
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Applying ‘drought’to potted plants by maintaining suboptimal soil moisture improves plant water relations
J Puértolas, EK Larsen, WJ Davies, IC Dodd
Journal of Experimental Botany 68 (9), 2413-2424, 2017
Facing climate change: biotechnology of iconic Mediterranean woody crops
C De Ollas, R Morillón, V Fotopoulos, J Puértolas, P Ollitrault, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 10, 427, 2019
Long‐distance abscisic acid signalling under different vertical soil moisture gradients depends on bulk root water potential and average soil water content in the root zone
J Puertolas, R Alcobendas, JJ Alarcon, IC Dodd
Plant, Cell & Environment 36 (8), 1465-1475, 2013
Is light the key factor for success of tube shelters in forest restoration plantings under Mediterranean climates?
J Puértolas, JA Oliet, DF Jacobs, LF Benito, JL Penuelas
Forest Ecology and Management 260 (5), 610-617, 2010
Diurnal dynamics of photosynthetic parameters of Norway spruce trees cultivated under ambient and elevated CO2: the reasons of midday depression in CO2 assimilation
V Špunda, J Kalina, O Urban, VC Luis, I Sibisse, J Puertolas, M Šprtová, ...
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Modeling the environmental response of leaf net photosynthesis in Pinus pinea L. natural regeneration
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Ecological Modelling 251, 9-21, 2013
Effect of nitrogen fertilization in the nursery on the drought and frost resistance of Mediterranean forest species
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Water relations of cork oak (Quercus suber L.) seedlings in response to shading and moderate drought
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Climate and species stress resistance modulate the higher survival of large seedlings in forest restorations worldwide
E Andivia, P Villar‐Salvador, JA Oliet, J Puertolas, RK Dumroese, V Ivetić, ...
Ecological Applications 31 (6), e02394, 2021
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