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Optic flow asymmetries bias high-speed steering along roads
GK Kountouriotis, KA Shire, CD Mole, PH Gardner, N Merat, RM Wilkie
Journal of Vision 13 (10), 23-23, 2013
Optic flow speed modulates guidance level control: New insights into two-level steering.
CD Mole, G Kountouriotis, J Billington, RMG Wilkie
Journal of experimental psychology: human perception and performance 42 (11 …, 2016
The need for speed: Global optic flow speed influences steering
GK Kountouriotis, CD Mole, N Merat, RM Wilkie
Royal Society open science 3 (5), 160096, 2016
Visuomotor control, eye movements, and steering: A unified approach for incorporating feedback, feedforward, and internal models.
O Lappi, C Mole
Psychological bulletin 144 (10), 981, 2018
Driving with homonymous visual field loss: Does visual search performance predict hazard detection?
M Smith, CD Mole, GK Kountouriotis, C Chisholm, B Bhakta, RM Wilkie
British Journal of Occupational Therapy 78 (2), 85-95, 2015
Getting back into the loop: the perceptual-motor determinants of successful transitions out of automated driving
CD Mole, O Lappi, O Giles, G Markkula, F Mars, RM Wilkie
Human factors, 0018720819829594, 2019
Humans Use predictive Gaze strategies to target Waypoints for steering
S Tuhkanen, J Pekkanen, P Rinkkala, C Mole, RM Wilkie, O Lappi
Scientific reports 9 (1), 8344, 2019
Looking forward to safer HGVs: the impact of mirrors on driver reaction times
CD Mole, RMG Wilkie
Accident Analysis & Prevention 107, 173-185, 2017
Looking at the road when driving around bends: influence of vehicle automation and speed
D Schnebelen, O Lappi, C Mole, J Pekkanen, F Mars
Frontiers in psychology 10, 2019
Looking to the future of visual assessment using driving simulation
RM Wilkie, CD Mole
Scandinavian Journal of Optometry and Visual Science 10 (1), 8-17, 2017
Laparoscopic motor learning and workspace exploration
AD White, F Mushtaq, O Giles, ML Wood, C Mole, PR Culmer, RM Wilkie, ...
Journal of surgical education 73 (6), 992-998, 2016
Cognitive Load During Automation Affects Gaze Behaviours and Transitions to Manual Steering Control
R Wilkie, C Mole, O Giles, N Merat, R Romano, G Markkula
The Proceedings of the 10th International Driving Symposium on Human Factors …, 2019
Where you look during automation influences where you steer after take-over
C Mole, O Giles, N Merat, R Romano, G Markkula, R Wilkie
PROCEEDINGS of the 10th International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in …, 2019
Drivers fail to calibrate to optic flow speed changes during automated driving
C Mole, G Markkula, O Giles, Y Okafuji, R Romano, N Merat, R Wilkie
PROCEEDINGS of the 10th International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in …, 2019
Modelling visual-vestibular integration and behavioural adaptation in the driving simulator
G Markkula, R Romano, R Waldram, O Giles, C Mole, R Wilkie
arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.12441, 2018
Metacognitive judgements of perceptual-motor steering performance
CD Mole, R Jersakova, GK Kountouriotis, CJA Moulin, RM Wilkie
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 71 (10), 2223-2234, 2018
Steering bends and changing lanes: The impact of optic flow and road edges on two point steering control
Y Okafuji, CD Mole, N Merat, T Fukao, Y Yokokohji, H Inou, RMG Wilkie
Journal of vision 18 (9), 14-14, 2018
Road safety benefits of direct versus indirect vision in HGV cabs technical
RM Wilkie, CD Mole
Ove Arup & Partners Ltd, 2017
Optic flow speed modulates guidance level control: new insights into two-level steering
J Billington, C Mole, G Kountouriotis, R Wilkie
PERCEPTION 45, 251-251, 2016
The need for speed
GK Kountouriotis, CD Mole, N Merat
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