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Performance of the OPBE exchange-correlation functional
M Swart, AW Ehlers, K Lammertsma*
Molecular Physics 102 (23-24), 2467-2474, 2004
Validation of exchange− correlation functionals for spin states of iron complexes
M Swart, AR Groenhof, AW Ehlers, K Lammertsma
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C Appelt, H Westenberg, F Bertini, AW Ehlers, JC Slootweg, ...
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K Lammertsma
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Selective monohalogenation of methane over supported acid or platinum metal catalysts and hydrolysis of methyl halides over γ-alumina-supported metal oxide/hydroxide catalysts …
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Onium Ylide chemistry. 1. Bifunctional acid-base-catalyzed conversion of heterosubstituted methanes into ethylene and derived hydrocarbons. The onium ylide mechanism of the C1 …
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NJ Harris, K Lammertsma
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Stereomutation of pentavalent compounds: validating the Berry pseudorotation, redressing Ugi’s turnstile rotation, and revealing the two-and three-arm turnstiles
EPA Couzijn, JC Slootweg, AW Ehlers, K Lammertsma
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Carbene‐Like Chemistry of Phosphinidene Complexes− Reactions, Applications, and Mechanistic Insights
K Lammertsma, MJM Vlaar
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S Roters, C Appelt, H Westenberg, A Hepp, JC Slootweg, K Lammertsma, ...
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Scarcity of rare earth elements
MA De Boer, K Lammertsma
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Electronic ground states of iron porphyrin and of the first species in the catalytic reaction cycle of cytochrome P450s
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Nucleophilic or Electrophilic Phosphinidene Complexes MLnPH; What Makes the Difference?
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A Phosphorus/Aluminum‐Based Frustrated Lewis Pair as an Ion Pair Receptor: Alkali Metal Hydride Adducts and Phase‐Transfer Catalysis
C Appelt, JC Slootweg, K Lammertsma, W Uhl
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S Grimme, C Mück-Lichtenfeld, EU Würthwein, AW Ehlers, TPM Goumans, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (8), 2583-2586, 2006
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