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Monograph of the dileptids (Protista, Ciliophora, Rhynchostomatia)
P Vďačný, W Foissner
Denisia, 1-529, 2012
Class Cariacotrichea, a novel ciliate taxon from the anoxic Cariaco Basin, Venezuela
W Orsi, V Edgcomb, J Faria, W Foissner, WH Fowle, T Hohmann, ...
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 62 (6 …, 2012
Phylogeny and classification of the Litostomatea (Protista, Ciliophora), with emphasis on free-living taxa and the 18S rRNA gene
P Vďačný, WA Bourland, W Orsi, SS Epstein, W Foissner
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 59 (2), 510-522, 2011
Molecular and morphological evidence for a sister group relationship of the classes Armophorea and Litostomatea (Ciliophora, Intramacronucleata, Lamellicorticata infraphyl. nov …
P Vďačný, W Orsi, W Foissner
European journal of protistology 46 (4), 298-309, 2010
Accessing marine protists from the anoxic Cariaco Basin
V Edgcomb, W Orsi, GT Taylor, P Vdacny, C Taylor, P Suarez, S Epstein
The ISME journal 5 (8), 1237-1241, 2011
Prevalence of partnerships between bacteria and ciliates in oxygen-depleted marine water columns
WD Orsi, S Charvet, P Vďačný, JM Bernhard, VP Edgcomb
Frontiers in microbiology 3, 341, 2012
The chaos prevails: molecular phylogeny of the Haptoria (Ciliophora, Litostomatea)
P Vďačný, HW Breiner, V Yashchenko, M Dunthorn, T Stoeck, W Foissner
Protist 165 (1), 93-111, 2014
Genealogical analyses of multiple loci of litostomatean ciliates (Protista, Ciliophora, Litostomatea)
P Vďačný, WA Bourland, W Orsi, SS Epstein, W Foissner
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 65 (2), 397-411, 2012
Batesian insect-insect mimicry-related explosive radiation of ancient alienopterid cockroaches
P Vršanský, G Bechly, Q Zhang, EA Jarzembowski, T Mlynský, L Šmídová, ...
Biologia 73 (10), 987-1006, 2018
Morphology and molecular phylogeny of Apoterritricha lutea n. g., n. sp.(Ciliophora, Spirotrichea, Hypotrichia): a putative missing link connecting Cyrtohymena and Afrokeronopsis
JH Kim, P Vďačný, SUA Shazib, MK Shin
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 61 (5), 520-536, 2014
Phylogenetic relationships of the ciliate class Heterotrichea (Protista, Ciliophora, Postciliodesmatophora) inferred from multiple molecular markers and multifaceted analysis …
SUA Shazib, P Vďačný, JH Kim, SW Jang, MK Shin
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 78, 118-135, 2014
Morphological and molecular phylogeny of dileptid and tracheliid ciliates: resolution at the base of the class Litostomatea (Ciliophora, Rhynchostomatia)
P Vďačný, W Orsi, WA Bourland, S Shimano, SS Epstein, W Foissner
European journal of protistology 47 (4), 295-313, 2011
Molecular phylogeny and species delimitation within the ciliate genus Spirostomum (Ciliophora, Postciliodesmatophora, Heterotrichea), using the internal transcribed spacer region
SUA Shazib, P Vďačný, JH Kim, SW Jang, MK Shin
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 102, 128-144, 2016
Rapid radiation, gradual extinction and parallel evolution challenge generic classification of spathidiid ciliates (Protista, Ciliophora)
Ľ Rajter, P Vďačný
Zoologica Scripta 45 (2), 200-223, 2016
Synergistic effects of combining morphological and molecular data in resolving the phylogenetic position of Semispathidium (Ciliophora, Haptoria) with description of …
P Vďačný, W Foissner
Zoologica Scripta 42 (5), 529-549, 2013
Morphology and phylogeny of a new woodruffiid ciliate, Etoschophrya inornata sp. n. (Ciliophora, Colpodea, Platyophryida), with an account on evolution of …
WA Bourland, G Hampikian, P Vďačný
Zoologica Scripta 41 (4), 400-416, 2012
Morphological and phylogenetical studies on a new soil hypotrich ciliate: Kahliella matisi spec. nov.(Hypotrichia, Kahliellidae)
P Vďačný, E Tirjaková, T Tóthová, P Pristaš, P Javorský
European journal of protistology 46 (4), 319-333, 2010
Reconciling morphological and molecular classification of predatory ciliates: evolutionary taxonomy of dileptids (Ciliophora, Litostomatea, Rhynchostomatia)
P Vďačný, Ľ Rajter
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 90, 112-128, 2015
Analysis and evolution of water quality of the upper Váh River (northern Slovakia) by long-term changes in the community structure of ciliates (Protista: Ciliophora)
E Tirjaková, P Vďačný
Biologia 68 (4), 667-678, 2013
A Proposed Timescale for the Evolution of Armophorean Ciliates: Clevelandellids Diversify More Rapidly Than Metopids
P Vďačný, Ľ Rajter, T Stoeck, W Foissner
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 66 (1), 167-181, 2019
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