Richard D Newcomb
Richard D Newcomb
The NZ Institute for Plant & Food Research
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DAD2 is an α/β hydrolase likely to be involved in the perception of the plant branching hormone, strigolactone
C Hamiaux, RSM Drummond, BJ Janssen, SE Ledger, JM Cooney, ...
Current biology 22 (21), 2032-2036, 2012
A single amino acid substitution converts a carboxylesterase to an organophosphorus hydrolase and confers insecticide resistance on a blowfly
RD Newcomb, PM Campbell, DL Ollis, E Cheah, RJ Russell, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94 (14), 7464-7468, 1997
RNA interference in the light brown apple moth, Epiphyas postvittana (Walker) induced by double‐stranded RNA feeding
CT Turner, MW Davy, RM MacDiarmid, KM Plummer, NP Birch, ...
Insect molecular biology 15 (3), 383-391, 2006
A genomics approach reveals that aroma production in apple is controlled by ethylene predominantly at the final step in each biosynthetic pathway
RJ Schaffer, EN Friel, EJF Souleyre, K Bolitho, K Thodey, S Ledger, ...
Plant Physiology 144 (4), 1899-1912, 2007
Analyses of expressed sequence tags from apple
RD Newcomb, RN Crowhurst, AP Gleave, EHA Rikkerink, AC Allan, ...
Plant Physiology 141 (1), 147-166, 2006
Biochemical genetics and genomics of insect esterases
J Oakeshott, C Claudianos, PM Campbell, RD Newcomb, R Russell
Comprehensive molecular insect science. Volume 5, 2010
Drosophila odorant receptors are novel seven transmembrane domain proteins that can signal independently of heterotrimeric G proteins
R Smart, A Kiely, M Beale, E Vargas, C Carraher, AV Kralicek, DL Christie, ...
Insect biochemistry and molecular biology 38 (8), 770-780, 2008
Analysis of expressed sequence tags from Actinidia: applications of a cross species EST database for gene discovery in the areas of flavor, health, color and ripening
RN Crowhurst, AP Gleave, EA MacRae, C Ampomah-Dwamena, ...
BMC genomics 9 (1), 1-26, 2008
Two different amino acid substitutions in the ali-esterase, E3, confer alternative types of organophosphorus insecticide resistance in the sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina
PM Campbell, RD Newcomb, RJ Russell, JG Oakeshott
Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 28 (3), 139-150, 1998
Female‐biased expression of odourant receptor genes in the adult antennae of the silkworm, Bombyx mori
KW Wanner, AR Anderson, SC Trowell, DA Theilmann, HM Robertson, ...
Insect molecular biology 16 (1), 107-119, 2007
Amplification of DNA from preserved specimens shows blowflies were preadapted for the rapid evolution of insecticide resistance
CJ Hartley, RD Newcomb, RJ Russell, CG Yong, JR Stevens, DK Yeates, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (23), 8757-8762, 2006
An alcohol acyl transferase from apple (cv. Royal Gala), MpAAT1, produces esters involved in apple fruit flavor
EJF Souleyre, DR Greenwood, EN Friel, S Karunairetnam, RD Newcomb
The FEBS journal 272 (12), 3132-3144, 2005
The acetylcholinesterase gene and organophosphorus resistance in the Australian sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina
Z Chen, R Newcomb, E Forbes, J McKenzie, P Batterham
Insect biochemistry and molecular biology 31 (8), 805-816, 2001
Odorant Receptors from the Light brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas postvittana) Recognize Important Volatile Compounds Produced by Plants
MD Jordan, A Anderson, D Begum, C Carraher, A Authier, SDG Marshall, ...
Chemical senses 34 (5), 383-394, 2009
A Mendelian trait for olfactory sensitivity affects odor experience and food selection
SR Jaeger, JF McRae, CM Bava, MK Beresford, D Hunter, Y Jia, ...
Current Biology 23 (16), 1601-1605, 2013
Molecular basis of female-specific odorant responses in Bombyx mori
AR Anderson, KW Wanner, SC Trowell, CG Warr, E Jaquin-Joly, P Zagatti, ...
Insect biochemistry and molecular biology 39 (3), 189-197, 2009
cDNA cloning, baculovirus-expression and kinetic properties of the esterase, E3, involved in organophosphorus resistance in Lucilia cuprina
RD Newcomb, PM Campbell, RJ Russell, JG Oakeshott
Insect biochemistry and molecular biology 27 (1), 15-25, 1997
The carboxylesterase gene family from Arabidopsis thaliana
SDG Marshall, JJ Putterill, KM Plummer, RD Newcomb
Journal of molecular evolution 57 (5), 487-500, 2003
Niche construction initiates the evolution of mutualistic interactions
CC Buser, RD Newcomb, AC Gaskett, MR Goddard
Ecology Letters 17 (10), 1257-1264, 2014
Insect olfaction and the evolution of receptor tuning
MN Andersson, C Löfstedt, RD Newcomb
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 3, 53, 2015
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