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Grayanotoxin poisoning:‘mad honey disease’and beyond
SA Jansen, I Kleerekooper, ZLM Hofman, IFPM Kappen, ...
Cardiovascular toxicology 12 (3), 208-215, 2012
Toward a consensus model of the HERG potassium channel
A Stary, SJ Wacker, L Boukharta, U Zachariae, Y Karimi‐Nejad, J Åqvist, ...
ChemMedChem 5 (3), 455-467, 2010
New potential binding determinant for hERG channel inhibitors
P Saxena, EM Zangerl-Plessl, T Linder, A Windisch, A Hohaus, E Timin, ...
Scientific reports 6, 24182, 2016
The anti‐protozoal drug pentamidine blocks KIR2.x‐mediated inward rectifier current by entering the cytoplasmic pore region of the channel
TP De Boer, L Nalos, A Stary, B Kok, MJC Houtman, G Antoons, ...
British journal of pharmacology 159 (7), 1532-1541, 2010
Timothy mutation disrupts the link between activation and inactivation in Cav1. 2 protein
K Depil, S Beyl, A Stary-Weinzinger, A Hohaus, E Timin, S Hering
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (36), 31557-31564, 2011
Computer simulations of structure–activity relationships for hERG channel blockers
L Boukharta, H Keränen, A Stary-Weinzinger, G Wallin, BL de Groot, ...
Biochemistry 50 (27), 6146-6156, 2011
Probing the energy landscape of activation gating of the bacterial potassium channel KcsA
T Linder, BL De Groot, A Stary-Weinzinger
PLoS computational biology 9 (5), 2013
Distinct interactions of Na+ and Ca2+ ions with the selectivity filter of the bacterial sodium channel NaVAb
S Ke, EM Zangerl, A Stary-Weinzinger
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 430 (4), 1272-1276, 2013
Molecular determinants for activation of human ether-ā-go-go-related gene 1 potassium channels by 3-nitro-n-(4-phenoxyphenyl) benzamide
V Garg, A Stary-Weinzinger, F Sachse, MC Sanguinetti
Molecular pharmacology 80 (4), 630-637, 2011
Efficient and specific cardiac IK1 inhibition by a new pentamidine analogue
H Takanari, L Nalos, A Stary-Weinzinger, KCG de Git, R Varkevisser, ...
Cardiovascular research 99 (1), 203-214, 2013
Structural basis of control of inward rectifier Kir2 channel gating by bulk anionic phospholipids
SJ Lee, F Ren, EM Zangerl-Plessl, S Heyman, A Stary-Weinzinger, ...
Journal of General Physiology 148 (3), 227-237, 2016
Different inward and outward conduction mechanisms in NaVMs suggested by molecular dynamics simulations
S Ke, EN Timin, A Stary-Weinzinger
PLoS computational biology 10 (7), 2014
Structural model of the Cav1. 2 pore
A Stary, Y Shafrir, S Hering, P Wolschann, HR Guy
Channels 2 (3), 210-215, 2008
Differences in (−) citronellal binding to various odorant receptors
A Stary, C Suwattanasophon, P Wolschann, G Buchbauer
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 361 (4), 941-945, 2007
Probing the Architecture of an L-type Calcium Channel with a Charged Phenylalkylamine EVIDENCE FOR A WIDELY OPEN PORE AND DRUG TRAPPING
S Beyl, EN Timin, A Hohaus, A Stary, M Kudrnac, RH Guy, S Hering
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (6), 3864-3870, 2007
Coupled and independent contributions of residues in IS6 and IIS6 to activation gating of CaV1. 2
M Kudrnac, S Beyl, A Hohaus, A Stary, T Peterbauer, E Timin, S Hering
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (18), 12276-12284, 2009
In silico analysis of conformational changes induced by mutation of aromatic binding residues: consequences for drug binding in the hERG K+ channel
K Knape, T Linder, P Wolschann, A Beyer, A Stary-Weinzinger
PloS one 6 (12), 2011
The hERG potassium channel and drug trapping: insight from docking studies with propafenone derivatives
KM Thai, A Windisch, D Stork, A Weinzinger, A Schiesaro, RH Guy, ...
ChemMedChem 5 (3), 436-442, 2010
Structure‐activity relationships of pentamidine‐affected ion channel trafficking and dofetilide mediated rescue
R Varkevisser, MJC Houtman, T Linder, KCG de Git, HDM Beekman, ...
British journal of pharmacology 169 (6), 1322-1334, 2013
Pore stability and gating in voltage-activated calcium channels
S Hering, S Beyl, A Stary, M Kudrnac, A Hohaus, RH Guy, E Timin
Channels 2 (2), 61-69, 2008
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