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Obesity-induced CerS6-dependent C 16: 0 ceramide production promotes weight gain and glucose intolerance
SM Turpin, HT Nicholls, DM Willmes, A Mourier, S Brodesser, ...
Cell metabolism 20 (4), 678-686, 2014
Germline mtDNA mutations aggravate ageing and can impair brain development
JM Ross, JB Stewart, E Hagström, S Brené, A Mourier, G Coppotelli, ...
Nature 501 (7467), 412, 2013
Adipose-specific deletion of TFAM increases mitochondrial oxidation and protects mice against obesity and insulin resistance
C Vernochet, A Mourier, O Bezy, Y Macotela, J Boucher, MJ Rardin, D An, ...
Cell metabolism 16 (6), 765-776, 2012
MICOS coordinates with respiratory complexes and lipids to establish mitochondrial inner membrane architecture
JR Friedman, A Mourier, J Yamada, JM McCaffery, J Nunnari
Elife 4, e07739, 2015
Mitofusin 2 is required to maintain mitochondrial coenzyme Q levels
A Mourier, E Motori, T Brandt, M Lagouge, I Atanassov, A Galinier, ...
J Cell Biol 208 (4), 429-442, 2015
Mitofusin 2 is necessary for striatal axonal projections of midbrain dopamine neurons
S Lee, FH Sterky, A Mourier, M Terzioglu, S Cullheim, L Olson, ...
Human molecular genetics 21 (22), 4827-4835, 2012
Variation in germline mtDNA heteroplasmy is determined prenatally but modified during subsequent transmission
C Freyer, LM Cree, A Mourier, JB Stewart, C Koolmeister, D Milenkovic, ...
Nature genetics 44 (11), 1282-1285, 2012
Adipose tissue mitochondrial dysfunction triggers a lipodystrophic syndrome with insulin resistance, hepatosteatosis, and cardiovascular complications
C Vernochet, F Damilano, A Mourier, O Bezy, MA Mori, G Smyth, ...
The FASEB Journal 28 (10), 4408-4419, 2014
MTERF1 binds mtDNA to prevent transcriptional interference at the light-strand promoter but is dispensable for rRNA gene transcription regulation
M Terzioglu, B Ruzzenente, J Harmel, A Mourier, E Jemt, MD López, ...
Cell metabolism 17 (4), 618-626, 2013
Loss of LRPPRC causes ATP synthase deficiency
A Mourier, B Ruzzenente, T Brandt, W Kühlbrandt, NG Larsson
Human molecular genetics 23 (10), 2580-2592, 2014
MTERF3 regulates mitochondrial ribosome biogenesis in invertebrates and mammals
A Wredenberg, M Lagouge, A Bratic, MD Metodiev, H Spåhr, A Mourier, ...
PLoS genetics 9 (1), e1003178, 2013
The respiratory chain supercomplex organization is independent of COX7a2l isoforms
A Mourier, S Matic, B Ruzzenente, NG Larsson, D Milenkovic
Cell metabolism 20 (6), 1069-1075, 2014
Transcriptomic and proteomic landscape of mitochondrial dysfunction reveals secondary coenzyme Q deficiency in mammals
I Kühl, M Miranda, I Atanassov, I Kuznetsova, Y Hinze, A Mourier, ...
Elife 6, e30952, 2017
Transcriptomic and proteomic landscape of mitochondrial dysfunction reveals secondary coenzyme Q deficiency in mammals
I Kühl, M Miranda, I Atanassov, I Kuznetsova, Y Hinze, A Mourier, ...
eLife 6, 2017
Hierarchical RNA processing is required for mitochondrial ribosome assembly
O Rackham, JD Busch, S Matic, SJ Siira, I Kuznetsova, I Atanassov, ...
Cell reports 16 (7), 1874-1890, 2016
Rescue of primary ubiquinone deficiency due to a novel COQ7 defect using 2,4–dihydroxybensoic acid
C Freyer, H Stranneheim, K Naess, A Mourier, A Felser, C Maffezzini, ...
Journal of medical genetics 52 (11), 779-783, 2015
A phenotype-driven approach to generate mouse models with pathogenic mtDNA mutations causing mitochondrial disease
JHK Kauppila, HL Baines, A Bratic, ML Simard, C Freyer, A Mourier, ...
Cell reports 16 (11), 2980-2990, 2016
COX7A2L Is a Mitochondrial Complex III Binding Protein that Stabilizes the III 2+ IV Supercomplex without Affecting Respirasome Formation
R Pérez-Pérez, T Lobo-Jarne, D Milenkovic, A Mourier, A Bratic, ...
Cell reports 16 (9), 2387-2398, 2016
Loss of UCP2 attenuates mitochondrial dysfunction without altering ROS production and uncoupling activity
A Kukat, SA Dogan, D Edgar, A Mourier, C Jacoby, P Maiti, J Mauer, ...
PLoS genetics 10 (6), e1004385, 2014
POLRMT regulates the switch between replication primer formation and gene expression of mammalian mtDNA
I Kühl, M Miranda, V Posse, D Milenkovic, A Mourier, SJ Siira, ...
Science advances 2 (8), e1600963, 2016
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