Zheng Liang (梁正)
Zheng Liang (梁正)
Postdoctoral Scholar, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Ph.D. at Stanford
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Interconnected hollow carbon nanospheres for stable lithium metal anodes
G Zheng, SW Lee, Z Liang, HW Lee, K Yan, H Yao, H Wang, W Li, S Chu, ...
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Microwave Chemistry, Recent Advancements and Eco-Friendly Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Nanoarchitectures and Their Applications: A Review
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Magnetic Field-Controlled Lithium Polysulfide Semiliquid Battery with Ferrofluidic Properties
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Z Liang, K Yan, G Zhou, A Pei, J Zhao, Y Sun, J Xie, Y Li, F Shi, Y Liu, ...
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