bruno colicchio
bruno colicchio
Maître de conférences, Université de Haute-Alsace
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New tool for biological dosimetry: reevaluation and automation of the gold standard method following telomere and centromere staining
R M’kacher, EEL Maalouf, M Ricoul, L Heidingsfelder, E Laplagne, ...
Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis 770, 45-53, 2014
Detection and automated scoring of dicentric chromosomes in nonstimulated lymphocyte prematurely condensed chromosomes after telomere and centromere staining
R M'kacher, E El Maalouf, G Terzoudi, M Ricoul, L Heidingsfelder, ...
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Tomographic diffractive microscopy and multiview profilometry with flexible aberration correction
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Fluorescence microscopy three-dimensional depth variant point spread function interpolation using Zernike moments
E Maalouf, B Colicchio, A Dieterlen
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High resolution reflection tomographic diffractive microscopy
M Sarmis, B Simon, M Debailleul, B Colicchio, V Georges, JJ Delaunay, ...
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Telomere shortening: a new prognostic factor for cardiovascular disease post-radiation exposure
R M'kacher, T Girinsky, B Colicchio, M Ricoul, A Dieterlen, E Jeandidier, ...
Radiation protection dosimetry 164 (1-2), 134-137, 2015
Identification of acquisition parameters from the point spread function of a fluorescence microscope
O Haeberlé, F Bicha, C Simler, A Dieterlen, C Xu, B Colicchio, S Jacquey, ...
Optics communications 196 (1-6), 109-117, 2001
Improvement of the LLS and MAP deconvolution algorithms by automatic determination of optimal regularization parameters and pre-filtering of original data
B Colicchio, O Haeberlé, C Xu, A Dieterlen, G Jung
Optics communications 244 (1-6), 37-49, 2005
Independent mechanisms lead to genomic instability in Hodgkin lymphoma: Microsatellite or chromosomal instability
C Cuceu, B Colicchio, E Jeandidier, S Junker, F Plassa, G Shim, J Mika, ...
Cancers 10 (7), 233, 2018
Transmission of Induced Chromosomal Aberrations through Successive Mitotic Divisions in Human Lymphocytes after In Vitro and In Vivo Radiation
A Kaddour, B Colicchio, D Buron, E El Maalouf, E Laplagne, C Borie, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
Contribution to fluorescence microscopy, 3D thick samples deconvolution and depth-variant PSF
E Maalouf
Cross-talk compensation of a spatial light modulator for iterative phase retrieval applications
P Gemayel, B Colicchio, A Dieterlen, P Ambs
Applied optics 55 (4), 802-810, 2016
Validation of image processing tools for 3-D fluorescence microscopy
A Dieterlen, C Xu, MP Gramain, O Haeberlé, B Colicchio, C Cudel, ...
Comptes rendus biologies 325 (4), 327-334, 2002
Genotoxic risk of ethyl‐paraben could be related to telomere shortening
F Finot, A Kaddour, L Morat, I Mouche, N Zaguia, C Cuceu, D Souverville, ...
Journal of Applied Toxicology 37 (6), 758-771, 2017
Fast deconvolution with non-invariant PSF for 3-D fluorescence microscopy
E Maalouf, B Colicchio, A Dieterlen
Optical and Digital Image Processing 7000, 70001K, 2008
The transition between telomerase and alt mechanisms in Hodgkin lymphoma and its predictive value in clinical outcomes
R M’kacher, C Cuceu, M Al Jawhari, L Morat, M Frenzel, G Shim, A Lenain, ...
Cancers 10 (6), 169, 2018
Depth-variant image restoration in 3D fluorescence microscopy: Two approaches under gaussian and poissonian noise conditions
SB Hadj, L Blanc-Féraud, E Maalouf, B Colicchio, A Dieterlen
2012 9th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 1671-1674, 2012
Versatile transmission/reflection tomographic diffractive microscopy approach
L Foucault, N Verrier, M Debailleul, JB Courbot, B Colicchio, B Simon, ...
JOSA A 36 (11), C18-C27, 2019
Calibration and disparity maps for a depth camera based on a four-lens device
C Riou, B Colicchio, JP Lauffenburger, O Haeberle, C Cudel
Journal of Electronic Imaging 24 (6), 061108, 2015
Zernike polynomial applications in 3D fluorescence microscopy
N Hueber, B Colicchio, A Dieterlen, S Jacques
Journeé du CRESPIM, 2003
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