Raj Ganesh S. Pala
Raj Ganesh S. Pala
Department of Chemical Engineering and the Materials Science Program, Indian Institute of Technology
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CO Oxidation by Rutile TiO2(110) Doped with V, W, Cr, Mo, and Mn
HY Kim, HM Lee, RGS Pala, V Shapovalov, H Metiu
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First-Principles Study of Photoinduced Water-Splitting on Fe2O3
A Hellman, RGS Pala
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Modification of the oxidative power of ZnO (1010) surface by substituting some surface Zn atoms with other metals
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Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Methanol to Formaldehyde by Isolated Vanadium, Molybdenum, and Chromium Oxide Clusters Supported on Rutile TiO2(110)
HY Kim, HM Lee, RGS Pala, H Metiu
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Fabricating appropriate band-edge-staggered heterosemiconductors with optically activated Au nanoparticles via click chemistry for photoelectrochemical water splitting
AP Upadhyay, DK Behara, GP Sharma, M Gyanprakash, RGS Pala, ...
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RGS Pala, H Metiu
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Coupled optical absorption, charge carrier separation, and surface electrochemistry in surface disordered/hydrogenated TiO 2 for enhanced PEC water splitting reaction
DK Behara, AK Ummireddi, V Aragonda, PK Gupta, RGS Pala, ...
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Critical epinucleation on reconstructured surfaces and first-principle calculation of homonucleation on Si (100)
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Determining the adsorptive and catalytic properties of strained metal surfaces using adsorption-induced stress
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Volatility and Chain Length Interplay of Primary Amines: Mechanistic Investigation on the Stability and Reversibility of Ammonia Responsive Hybrid Perovskites.
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Synchronization of charge carrier separation by tailoring the interface of Si–Au–TiO2 heterostructures via click chemistry for PEC water splitting
DK Behara, GP Sharma, AP Upadhyay, M Gyanprakash, RGS Pala, ...
Chemical Engineering Science 154, 150-169, 2016
Dopant Induced Stabilization of Metastable Zircon-Type Tetragonal LaVO4
CK Rastogi, SK Sharma, A Patel, G Parthasarathy, RGS Pala, J Kumar, ...
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Kinetically stabilized aliovalent europium-doped magnesium oxide as a UV sensitized phosphor
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Enhanced Water Oxidation Activity of the Cobalt (II, III) Oxide Electrocatalyst on an Earth‐Abundant‐Metal‐Interlayered Hybrid Porous Carbon Support
K Kishor, S Saha, S Sivakumar, RGS Pala
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Roughened Zn‐Doped Ru–Ti Oxide Water Oxidation Electrocatalysts by Blending Active and Activated Passive Components
K Kishor, S Saha, MK Gupta, A Bajpai, M Chatterjee, S Sivakumar, ...
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Sinter-resistant gold nanoparticles encapsulated by zeolite nanoshell for oxidation of cyclohexane
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Increased Loading of Eu3+ Ions in Monazite LaVO4 Nanocrystals via Pressure-Driven Phase Transitions
P Gangwar, M Pandey, S Sivakumar, RGS Pala, G Parthasarathy
Crystal growth & design 13 (6), 2344-2349, 2013
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