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Deep deterministic policy gradient-DRL enabled multiphysics-constrained fast charging of lithium-ion battery
Z Wei, Z Quan, J Wu, Y Li, J Pou, H Zhong
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 69 (3), 2588-2598, 2022
A physics-based distributed-parameter equivalent circuit model for lithium-ion batteries
Y Li, M Vilathgamuwa, T Farrell, SS Choi, NT Tran, J Teague
Electrochimica Acta 299, 451-469, 2019
Disturbance-immune and aging-robust internal short circuit diagnostic for lithium-ion battery
J Hu, H He, Z Wei, Y Li
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 69 (2), 1988-1999, 2022
Adaptive ensemble-based electrochemical-thermal degradation state estimation of lithium-ion batteries
Y Li, Z Wei, B Xiong, DM Vilathgamuwa
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 69 (7), 6984-6996, 2022
Constrained ensemble Kalman filter for distributed electrochemical state estimation of lithium-ion batteries
Y Li, B Xiong, DM Vilathgamuwa, Z Wei, C Xie, C Zou
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 17 (1), 240-250, 2021
Design of minimum cost degradation-conscious lithium-ion battery energy storage system to achieve renewable power dispatchability
Y Li, M Vilathgamuwa, SS Choi, B Xiong, J Tang, Y Su, Y Wang
Applied Energy 260, 114282, 2020
Load current and state of charge co-estimation for current sensor-free lithium-ion battery
Z Wei, J Hu, H He, Y Li, B Xiong
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 36 (10), 10970-10975, 2021
Multi-stage state of health estimation of lithium-ion battery with high tolerance to heavily-partial charging
Z Wei, H Ruan, Y Li, J Li, C Zhang, H He
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 37 (6), 7432-7442, 2022
Development of a degradation-conscious physics-based lithium-ion battery model for use in power system planning studies
Y Li, M Vilathgamuwa, TW Farrell, NT Tran, SS Choi, J Teague
Applied Energy 248, 512-525, 2019
Design of variable-speed dish-Stirling solar–thermal power plant for maximum energy harness
Y Li, SS Choi, C Yang, F Wei
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 30 (1), 394-403, 2015
An enhanced equivalent circuit model of vanadium redox flow battery energy storage systems considering thermal effects
B Xiong, Y Yang, J Tang, Y Li, Z Wei, Y Su, Q Zhang
IEEE Access 7, 162297-162308, 2019
Electrochemical model-based fast charging: Physical constraint-triggered PI control
Y Li, DM Vilathgamuwa, E Wikner, Z Wei, X Zhang, T Thiringer, T Wik, ...
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 36 (4), 3208-3220, 2021
Dish-Stirling solar power plants: Modeling, analysis, and control of receiver temperature
Y Li, SS Choi, C Yang
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 5 (2), 398-407, 2014
Model order reduction techniques for physics-based lithium-ion battery management: A survey
Y Li, D Karunathilake, DM Vilathgamuwa, Y Mishra, TW Farrell, SS Choi, ...
IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine 16 (3), 36-51, 2022
Offline and online blended machine learning for lithium-ion battery health state estimation
C She, Y Li, C Zou, T Wik, Z Wang, F Sun
IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification 8 (2), 2080-2092, 2022
A computationally efficient coupled electrochemical-thermal model for large format cylindrical lithium ion batteries
NT Tran, T Farrell, M Vilathgamuwa, SS Choi, Y Li
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 166 (13), A3059-A3071, 2019
A Padé approximate model of lithium ion batteries
NT Tran, M Vilathgamuwa, TW Farrell, SS Choi, Y Li, J Teague
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 165 (7), A1409-A1421, 2018
Hierarchical soft measurement of load current and state of charge for future smart lithium-ion batteries
Z Wei, J Hu, Y Li, H He, W Li, DU Sauer
Applied Energy 307, 118246, 2022
Annular thermoelectric generator performance optimization analysis based on concentric annular heat exchanger
W Yang, W Zhu, Y Li, L Zhang, B Zhao, C Xie, Y Yan, L Huang
Energy 239, 122127, 2022
Non-isolated high-voltage gain dual-input dc/dc converter with a ZVT auxiliary circuit
B Zhu, Q Zeng, DM Vilathgamuwa, Y Li, X She
IET Power Electronics 12 (4), 861-868, 2018
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