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Xi-Ya Fang
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Periodic segregation of solute atoms in fully coherent twin boundaries
JF Nie, YM Zhu, JZ Liu, XY Fang
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J Gröbner, A Kozlov, XY Fang, S Zhu, JF Nie, MA Gibson, ...
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Mechanically tissue-like elastomeric polymers and their potential as a vehicle to deliver functional cardiomyocytes
B Xu, Y Li, X Fang, GA Thouas, WD Cook, DF Newgreen, Q Chen
journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 28, 354-365, 2013
Highly dispersed cobalt oxide on TaON as efficient photoanodes for long-term solar water splitting
SS Gujral, AN Simonov, M Higashi, XY Fang, R Abe, L Spiccia
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The origins for tensile properties of selective laser melted aluminium alloy A357
JH Rao, Y Zhang, X Fang, Y Chen, X Wu, CHJ Davies
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Composite ultrafiltration membranes from polymer and its quaternary phosphonium-functionalized derivative with enhanced water flux
X Lin, K Wang, Y Feng, JZ Liu, X Fang, T Xu, H Wang
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Effects of preheating and carbon dilution on material characteristics of laser-cladded hypereutectoid rail steels
Q Lai, R Abrahams, W Yan, C Qiu, P Mutton, A Paradowska, X Fang, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 712, 548-563, 2018
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