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Jin Han
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
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pH-responsive assembly of gold nanoparticles and “spatiotemporally concerted” drug release for synergistic cancer therapy
J Nam, WG La, S Hwang, YS Ha, N Park, N Won, S Jung, SH Bhang, ...
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Graphene oxide flakes as a cellular adhesive: prevention of reactive oxygen species mediated death of implanted cells for cardiac repair
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Iron oxide nanoparticle-mediated development of cellular gap junction crosstalk to improve mesenchymal stem cells’ therapeutic efficacy for myocardial infarction
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Stimulation of chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
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M1 macrophage-derived nanovesicles potentiate the anticancer efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors
YW Choo, M Kang, HY Kim, J Han, S Kang, JR Lee, GJ Jeong, SP Kwon, ...
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Graphene potentiates the myocardial repair efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells by stimulating the expression of angiogenic growth factors and gap junction protein
J Park, YS Kim, S Ryu, WS Kang, S Park, J Han, HC Jeong, BH Hong, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (17), 2590-2600, 2015
Dual roles of graphene oxide to attenuate inflammation and elicit timely polarization of macrophage phenotypes for cardiac repair
J Han, YS Kim, MY Lim, HY Kim, S Kong, M Kang, YW Choo, JH Jun, ...
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Zinc oxide nanorod‐based piezoelectric dermal patch for wound healing
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Integration of mesenchymal stem cells with nanobiomaterials for the repair of myocardial infarction
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Nanothin coculture membranes with tunable pore architecture and thermoresponsive functionality for transfer-printable stem cell-derived cardiac sheets
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Enhanced bone repair by guided osteoblast recruitment using topographically defined implant
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pH-triggered release of manganese from MnAu nanoparticles that enables cellular neuronal differentiation without cellular toxicity
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Transplantation of heterospheroids of islet cells and mesenchymal stem cells for effective angiogenesis and antiapoptosis
JY Shin, JH Jeong, J Han, SH Bhang, GJ Jeong, MR Haque, TA Al-Hilal, ...
Tissue Engineering Part A 21 (5-6), 1024-1035, 2015
Generation of Integration‐Free Induced Neurons Using Graphene Oxide‐Polyethylenimine
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Therapeutic angiogenesis using tumor cell‐conditioned medium
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Therapeutic angiogenesis via solar cell-facilitated electrical stimulation
GJ Jeong, JY Oh, YJ Kim, SH Bhang, HK Jang, J Han, JK Yoon, SM Kwon, ...
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Cellular layer-by-layer coculture platform using biodegradable, nanoarchitectured membranes for stem cell therapy
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Reversible cell layering for heterogeneous cell assembly mediated by ionic cross-linking of chitosan and a functionalized cell surface membrane
S Ryu, H Kim, S Kang, K Shin, SY Jung, J Heo, J Han, JK Yoon, JR Lee, ...
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Stem Cell Therapy in Cardiovascular Diseases:: The Reparative Mechanisms of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Myocardial Infarction Treatment
J Han, J Choi, SH Bhang
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IL-17 and immunologically induced senescence regulate response to injury in osteoarthritis
HJ Faust, H Zhang, J Han, MT Wolf, OH Jeon, K Sadtler, AN Peña, ...
Journal of Clinical Investigation 130 (10), 5493-5507, 2020
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