Mark Bulling
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On the importance of the microbiome and pathobiome in coral health and disease
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Funding begets biodiversity
A Ahrends, ND Burgess, RE Gereau, R Marchant, MT Bulling, JC Lovett, ...
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Metabolome‐mediated biocryomorphic evolution promotes carbon fixation in Greenlandic cryoconite holes
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Role of functionally dominant species in varying environmental regimes: evidence for the performance-enhancing effect of biodiversity
S Langenheder, MT Bulling, JI Prosser, M Solan
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Indirect effects of non-lethal predation on bivalve activity and sediment reworking
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Evidence for rapid, tide-related shifts in the microbiome of the coral Coelastrea aspera
MJ Sweet, BE Brown, RP Dunne, I Singleton, M Bulling
Coral Reefs 36 (3), 815-828, 2017
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