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Markus Mobius
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Why beauty matters
MM Mobius, TS Rosenblat
American Economic Review 96 (1), 222-235, 2006
Trust and social collateral
D Karlan, M Mobius, T Rosenblat, A Szeidl
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 124 (3), 1307-1361, 2009
Directed altruism and enforced reciprocity in social networks
S Leider, MM Möbius, T Rosenblat, QA Do
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 124 (4), 1815-1851, 2009
Managing self-confidence: Theory and experimental evidence
MM Mobius, M Niederle, P Niehaus, TS Rosenblat
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2011
Consumption risk-sharing in social networks
A Ambrus, M Mobius, A Szeidl
American Economic Review 104 (1), 149-82, 2014
Competing auctions
G Ellison, D Fudenberg, M Möbius
Journal of the European Economic Association 2 (1), 30-66, 2004
Getting closer or drifting apart?
TS Rosenblat, MM Mobius
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 119 (3), 971-1009, 2004
Returns to capital: Results from a randomized experiment
S De Mel, D McKenzie, C Woodruff
Quarterly Journal of Economics 123 (4), 1329-72, 2008
Trading favors
M Möbius
Unpublished paper.[283], 2001
Existence of equilibrium in large double auctions
D Fudenberg, M Mobius, A Szeidl
Journal of Economic theory 133 (1), 550-567, 2007
Community size and network closure
H Allcott, D Karlan, MM Möbius, TS Rosenblat, A Szeidl
American Economic Review 97 (2), 80-85, 2007
The impact of news aggregators on internet news consumption: The case of localization
S Athey, M Mobius
Workshop on the Economics of Web Search and Social Network. Sixth ACM …, 2012
P2P trading in social networks: The value of staying connected
Z Liu, H Hu, Y Liu, KW Ross, Y Wang, M Mobius
2010 Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM, 1-9, 2010
The impact of aggregators on internet news consumption
S Athey, MM Mobius, J Pál
Stanford University Graduate School of Business Research Paper, 2017
Social networks and vaccination decisions
N Rao, MM Mobius, T Rosenblat
FRB of Boston working paper, 2007
Buy-it-now or take-a-chance: Price discrimination through randomized auctions
LE Celis, G Lewis, M Mobius, H Nazerzadeh
Management Science 60 (12), 2927-2948, 2014
Social learning in economics
M Mobius, T Rosenblat
Annu. Rev. Econ. 6 (1), 827-847, 2014
Treasure hunt: Social learning in the field
M Mobius, T Phan, A Szeidl
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2015
The formation of ghettos as a local interaction phenomenon
MM Mobius, TS Rosenblat
Unpublished manuscript, Harvard University, 2000
Managing self-confidence
MM Möbius, M Niederle, P Niehaus, TS Rosenblat
NBER Working paper, 2014
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