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Gut metagenome in European women with normal, impaired and diabetic glucose control
FH Karlsson, V Tremaroli, I Nookaew, G Bergström, CJ Behre, ...
Nature 498 (7452), 99, 2013
Symptomatic atherosclerosis is associated with an altered gut metagenome
FH Karlsson, F Fåk, I Nookaew, V Tremaroli, B Fagerberg, D Petranovic, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 1245, 2012
A community-driven global reconstruction of human metabolism
I Thiele, N Swainston, RMT Fleming, A Hoppe, S Sahoo, MK Aurich, ...
Nature biotechnology 31 (5), 419-425, 2013
Insights from 20 years of bacterial genome sequencing
M Land, L Hauser, SR Jun, I Nookaew, MR Leuze, TH Ahn, T Karpinets, ...
Functional & integrative genomics 15, 141-161, 2015
Voluntary running suppresses tumor growth through epinephrine-and IL-6-dependent NK cell mobilization and redistribution
L Pedersen, M Idorn, GH Olofsson, B Lauenborg, I Nookaew, RH Hansen, ...
Cell metabolism 23 (3), 554-562, 2016
Enriching the gene set analysis of genome-wide data by incorporating directionality of gene expression and combining statistical hypotheses and methods
L Väremo, J Nielsen, I Nookaew
Nucleic acids research 41 (8), 4378-4391, 2013
Reconstruction of genome-scale active metabolic networks for 69 human cell types and 16 cancer types using INIT
R Agren, S Bordel, A Mardinoglu, N Pornputtapong, I Nookaew, J Nielsen
PLoS computational biology 8 (5), e1002518, 2012
The RAVEN Toolbox and Its Use for Generating a Genome-scale Metabolic Model for Penicillium chrysogenum
R Agren, L Liu, S Shoaie, W Vongsangnak, I Nookaew, J Nielsen
PLoS computational biology 9 (3), e1002980, 2013
Analysis of gut microbial regulation of host gene expression along the length of the gut and regulation of gut microbial ecology through MyD88
E Larsson, V Tremaroli, YS Lee, O Koren, I Nookaew, A Fricker, J Nielsen, ...
gut 61 (8), 1124-1131, 2012
A comprehensive comparison of RNA-Seq-based transcriptome analysis from reads to differential gene expression and cross-comparison with microarrays: a case study in …
I Nookaew, M Papini, N Pornputtapong, G Scalcinati, L Fagerberg, ...
Nucleic acids research 40 (20), 10084-10097, 2012
MEMOTE for standardized genome-scale metabolic model testing
C Lieven, ME Beber, BG Olivier, FT Bergmann, M Ataman, P Babaei, ...
Nature biotechnology 38 (3), 272-276, 2020
Understanding the interactions between bacteria in the human gut through metabolic modeling
S Shoaie, F Karlsson, A Mardinoglu, I Nookaew, S Bordel, J Nielsen
Scientific reports 3 (1), 2532, 2013
Integration of clinical data with a genome‐scale metabolic model of the human adipocyte
A Mardinoglu, R Agren, C Kampf, A Asplund, I Nookaew, P Jacobson, ...
Molecular systems biology 9 (1), 649, 2013
Stimulation of Piezo1 by mechanical signals promotes bone anabolism
X Li, L Han, I Nookaew, E Mannen, MJ Silva, M Almeida, J Xiong
Elife 8, e49631, 2019
The genome-scale metabolic model iIN800 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its validation: a scaffold to query lipid metabolism
I Nookaew, MC Jewett, A Meechai, C Thammarongtham, K Laoteng, ...
BMC systems biology 2, 1-15, 2008
Decoding the epitranscriptional landscape from native RNA sequences
P Jenjaroenpun, T Wongsurawat, TD Wadley, TM Wassenaar, J Liu, ...
Nucleic acids research 49 (2), e7-e7, 2021
Site-specific programming of the host epithelial transcriptome by the gut microbiota
F Sommer, I Nookaew, N Sommer, P Fogelstrand, F Bäckhed
Genome biology 16, 1-15, 2015
Chromosome 3p loss of heterozygosity is associated with a unique metabolic network in clear cell renal carcinoma
F Gatto, I Nookaew, J Nielsen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (9), E866-E875, 2014
Fifteen years of large scale metabolic modeling of yeast: developments and impacts
T Österlund, I Nookaew, J Nielsen
Biotechnology advances 30 (5), 979-988, 2012
A Closer Look at Bacteroides: Phylogenetic Relationship and Genomic Implications of a Life in the Human Gut
FH Karlsson, DW Ussery, J Nielsen, I Nookaew
Microbial ecology 61, 473-485, 2011
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