Agnes Rosner (née Agnes Scholz)
Agnes Rosner (née Agnes Scholz)
Department of Psychology, University of Zurich
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Eye movements reveal memory processes during similarity-and rule-based decision making
A Scholz, B von Helversen, J Rieskamp
Cognition 136, 228-246, 2015
Listen up, eye movements play a role in verbal memory retrieval
A Scholz, K Mehlhorn, JF Krems
Psychological research 80 (1), 149-158, 2016
Biased processing of ambiguous symptoms favors the initially leading hypothesis in sequential diagnostic reasoning
FG Rebitschek, F Bocklisch, A Scholz, JF Krems, G Jahn
Experimental psychology, 2015
Looking at nothing diminishes with practice
A Scholz, K Mehlhorn, F Bocklisch, J Krems
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 33 (33), 2011
Comparing eye trackers by correlating their eye-metric data
J Titz, A Scholz, P Sedlmeier
Behavior Research Methods 50 (5), 1853-1863, 2018
Covert shifts of attention can account for the functional role of "eye movements to nothing"
A Scholz, A Klichowicz, K Josef
Memory & Cognition 46 (2), 230-243, 2018
The role of vagueness in the numerical translation of verbal probabilities: A fuzzy approach
F Bocklisch, SF Bocklisch, MRK Baumann, A Scholz, JF Krems
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 32 (32), 2010
Order effects in diagnostic reasoning with four candidate hypotheses
FG Rebitschek, A Scholz, F Bocklisch, JF Krems, G Jahn, N Miyake, ...
University of Zurich, 2012
Watching diagnoses develop: Eye movements reveal symptom processing during diagnostic reasoning
A Scholz, JF Krems, G Jahn
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 24 (5), 1398-1412, 2017
Differentiating between Encoding and Processing during Diagnostic Reasoning: An Eye tracking study.
A Klichowicz, A Scholz, S Strehlau, JF Krems
38th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 129-134, 2016
Tracking memory processes during ambiguous symptom processing in sequential diagnostic reasoning
A Scholz, JF Krems, G Jahn, N Taatgen, M van Vugt, J Borst, K Mehlhorn
University of Groningen, 2015
Shifting Covert Attention to Spatially Indexed Locations Increases Retrieval Performance of Verbal Information.
A Prittmann, A Scholz, J Krems
CogSci, 2015
How to Measure “Ease-of-Use” in Public Transportation?: Scale Construction and Testing
K Dziekan, A Scholz
Umweltpsychologie, 2008
Memory shapes judgments: Tracing how memory biases judgments by inducing the retrieval of exemplars
A Rosner, B von Helversen
Cognition 190, 165-169, 2019
A new way to guide consumer's choice: Retro-cueing alters the availability of product information in memory
A Krefeld-Schwalb, A Rosner
Journal of Business Research, 2019
Tracking eye movements to reveal memory processes during rule-versus similarity-based decision making
A Scholz, B von Helversen, J Rieskamp
Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Judgment and …, 2014
Blickbewegungsmessung als Prozessmaß bei gedächtnisbasierten Multi-Attribut-Entscheidungen
A Scholz, JF Krems, G Jahn, F Renkewitz
Department of Psychology, Technische Universität Chemnitz, 2011
Author Note
A Krefeld-Schwalb, A Scholz
Eye Movements, Memory, and Thinking
A Scholz
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