Jiajian Zhu (朱家健)
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Coherent beam combination of 1.08 kW fiber amplifier array using single frequency dithering technique
Y Ma, X Wang, J Leng, H Xiao, X Dong, J Zhu, W Du, P Zhou, X Xu, L Si, ...
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In-situ measurement of sodium and potassium release during oxy-fuel combustion of lignite using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: effects of O2 and CO2 concentration
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Dynamics, OH distributions and UV emission of a gliding arc at various flow-rates investigated by optical measurements
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Optical diagnostics of a gliding arc
ZW Sun, JJ Zhu, ZS Li, M Aldén, F Leipold, M Salewski, Y Kusano
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Ignition processes and modes excited by laser-induced plasma in a cavity-based supersonic combustor
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Advanced laser-based techniques for gas-phase diagnostics in combustion and aerospace engineering
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J Zhu, J Gao, Z Li, A Ehn, M Aldén, A Larsson, Y Kusano
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Ignition and combustion enhancement in a cavity-based supersonic combustor by a multi-channel gliding arc plasma
R Feng, Y Huang, J Zhu, Z Wang, M Sun, H Wang, Z Cai
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Experimental investigation on gliding arc discharge plasma ignition and flame stabilization in scramjet combustor
R Feng, J Li, Y Wu, J Zhu, X Song, X Li
Aerospace Science and Technology 79, 145-153, 2018
Spatiotemporally resolved characteristics of a gliding arc discharge in a turbulent air flow at atmospheric pressure
J Zhu, J Gao, A Ehn, M Aldén, A Larsson, Y Kusano, Z Li
Physics of Plasmas 24 (1), 2017
Measurements of 3D slip velocities and plasma column lengths of a gliding arc discharge
J Zhu, J Gao, A Ehn, M Aldén, Z Li, D Moseev, Y Kusano, M Salewski, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (4), 2015
Effect of cavity fueling schemes on the laser-induced plasma ignition process in a scramjet combustor
Z Cai, J Zhu, M Sun, Z Wang
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Stray light suppression in spectroscopy using periodic shadowing
E Kristensson, J Bood, M Alden, E Nordström, J Zhu, S Huldt, ...
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Characterization of kerosene distribution around the ignition cavity in a scramjet combustor
X Li, W Liu, Y Pan, L Yang, B An, J Zhu
Acta Astronautica 134, 11-16, 2017
Experimental investigation on the impacts of ignition energy and position on ignition processes in supersonic flows by laser induced plasma
B An, Z Wang, L Yang, X Li, J Zhu
Acta Astronautica 137, 444-449, 2017
Water-cooled non-thermal gliding arc for adhesion improvement of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester
Y Kusano, BF Sørensen, TL Andersen, HL Toftegaard, F Leipold, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (13), 135203, 2013
Visualization of instantaneous structure and dynamics of large-scale turbulent flames stabilized by a gliding arc discharge
J Gao, C Kong, J Zhu, A Ehn, T Hurtig, Y Tang, S Chen, M Aldén, Z Li
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 37 (4), 5629-5636, 2019
Unsteady supersonic combustion
M Sun, H Wang, Z Cai, J Zhu
Springer, 2020
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