Gilles Brassard
Gilles Brassard
Professor of computer science, Université de Montréal
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Teleporting an unknown quantum state via dual classical and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen channels
CH Bennett, G Brassard, C Crépeau, R Jozsa, A Peres, WK Wootters
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Quantum cryptography without Bell’s theorem
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Generalized privacy amplification
CH Bennett, G Brassard, C Crépeau, UM Maurer
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Strengths and weaknesses of quantum computing
CH Bennett, E Bernstein, G Brassard, U Vazirani
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Limitations on practical quantum cryptography
G Brassard, N Lütkenhaus, T Mor, BC Sanders
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Minimum disclosure proofs of knowledge
G Brassard, D Chaum, C Crépeau
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Tight bounds on quantum searching
M Boyer, G Brassard, P Høyer, A Tapp
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Fundamentals of algorithmics
G Brassard, P Bratley
Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1996
Privacy amplification by public discussion
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Secret-key reconciliation by public discussion
G Brassard, L Salvail
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Quantum amplitude amplification and estimation
G Brassard, P Høyer, M Mosca, A Tapp
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr., ed …, 2002
Algorithmique: conception et analyse
G Brassard, P Bratley
Masson editeur, 1987
Quantum cryptography
CH Bennett, G Brassard, A Ekert
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Quantum counting
G Brassard, P Høyer, A Tapp
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All-or-nothing disclosure of secrets
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Modern Cryptology: A Tutorial
G Brassard
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Limit on nonlocality in any world in which communication complexity is not trivial
G Brassard, H Buhrman, N Linden, AA Méthot, A Tapp, F Unger
Physical Review Letters 96 (25), 250401, 2006
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