Bradd J. Haley
Bradd J. Haley
Environmental Microbial & Food Safety Laboratory
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Comparative Genomics Reveals Mechanism for Short-Term and Long-Term Clonal Transitions in Pandemic Vibrio cholerae
J Chun, CJ Grim, NA Hasan, JH Lee, SY Choi, BJ Haley, E Taviani, ...
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Distribution, Diversity, and Seasonality of Waterborne Salmonellae in a Rural Watershed
BJ Haley, DJ Cole, EK Lipp
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Genomic Diversity of 2010 Haitian Cholera Outbreak Strains
NA Hasan, SY Choi, M Eppinger, PW Clark, A Chen, M Alam, BJ Haley, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (29), E2010-E2017, 2012
Environmental Factors Influencing Epidemic Cholera
A Jutla, E Whitcombe, N Hasan, B Haley, A Akanda, A Huq, M Alam, ...
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 89 (3), 597-607, 2013
Detection, Isolation, and Identification of Vibrio cholerae from the Environment
A Huq, BJ Haley, E Taviani, A Chen, NA Hasan, RR Colwell
Current Protocols in Microbiology, 6A. 5.1-6A. 5.51, 2012
Genome Sequence of Hybrid Vibrio cholerae O1 MJ-1236, B-33, and CIRS101 and Comparative Genomics with V. cholerae
CJ Grim, NA Hasan, E Taviani, B Haley, J Chun, TS Brettin, DC Bruce, ...
Journal of Bacteriology 192 (13), 3524-3533, 2010
Discovery of Novel Vibrio cholerae VSP-II Genomic Islands Using Comparative Genomic Analysis
E Taviani, CJ Grim, J Choi, J Chun, B Haley, NA Hasan, A Huq, ...
FEMS Microbiology Letters 308 (2), 130-137, 2010
Comparative Genomic Analysis Reveals Evidence of Two Novel Vibrio Species Closely Related to V. cholerae
BJ Haley, CJ Grim, NA Hasan, SY Choi, J Chun, TS Brettin, DC Bruce, ...
BMC Microbiology 10 (1), 1, 2010
Comparative Genomics of Clinical and Environmental Vibrio mimicus
NA Hasan, CJ Grim, BJ Haley, J Chun, M Alam, E Taviani, M Hoq, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (49), 21134-21139, 2010
Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Bacteria Related to Human Pathogenic Vibrio Species
NA Hasan, CJ Grim, EK Lipp, ING Rivera, J Chun, BJ Haley, E Taviani, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (21), E2813-E2819, 2015
Molecular Diversity and Predictability of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Along the Georgian Coastal Zone of the Black Sea
BJ Haley, T Kokashvili, A Tskshvediani, N Janelidze, N Mitaishvili, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 5 (45), 1-9, 2014
Alternative Growth Promoters Modulate Broiler Gut Microbiome and Enhance Body Weight Gain
S Salaheen, SW Kim, BJ Haley, JAS Van Kessel, D Biswas
Frontiers in Microbiology 8 (2088), 2017
Genomic and Phenotypic Characterization of Vibrio cholerae Non-O1 Isolates from a US Gulf Coast Cholera Outbreak
BJ Haley, SY Choi, CJ Grim, TJ Onifade, HN Cinar, BD Tall, E Taviani, ...
PLoS ONE 9 (4), e86264, 2014
Occurrence of the Vibrio cholerae Seventh Pandemic VSP-I Island and a New Variant
CJ Grim, J Choi, J Chun, YS Jeon, E Taviani, NA Hasan, B Haley, A Huq, ...
OMICS A Journal of Integrative Biology 14 (1), 1-7, 2010
Vibrio cholerae in a Historically Cholera‐Free Country
BJ Haley, A Chen, CJ Grim, P Clark, CM Diaz, E Taviani, NA Hasan, ...
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Prevalence of Salmonella enterica, Listeria monocytogenes, and pathogenic Escherichia coli in bulk tank milk and milk filters from US dairy operations in the National Animal …
JL Sonnier, JS Karns, JE Lombard, CA Kopral, BJ Haley, SW Kim, ...
Journal of Dairy Science 101 (3), 1943-1956, 2018
Prevalence, Antimicrobial Resistance, and Molecular Characterization of Campylobacter spp. in Bulk Tank Milk and Milk Filters from US Dairies.
L Del Collo, J Karns, D Biswas, J Lombard, B Haley, R Kristensen, ...
Journal of Dairy Science 100 (5), 1-10, 2017
An Additional Step in the Transmission of Yersinia pestis?
WR Easterday, KL Kausrud, B Star, L Heier, BJ Haley, V Ageyev, ...
The ISME Journal 6 (2), 231-236, 2012
Genetic Diversity and Virulence Profiles of Listeria monocytogenes Recovered from Bulk Tank Milk, Milk Filters, and Milking Equipment from Dairies in the United States (2002 to …
SW Kim, J Haendiges, EN Keller, R Myers, A Kim, JE Lombard, JS Karns, ...
PLoS ONE 13 (5), e0197053, 2018
Vibrio metoecus sp. nov., a Close Relative of Vibrio cholerae Isolated from Coastal Brackish Ponds and Clinical Specimens
PC Kirchberger, M Turnsek, DE Hunt, BJ Haley, RR Colwell, MF Polz, ...
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 64 (9 …, 2014
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