Alan Meerow
Alan Meerow
Montgomery Botanical Center
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Brazilian Flora 2020: innovation and collaboration to meet Target 1 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)
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Rodriguésia 69, 1513-1527, 2018
AW Meerow, DA Snijman
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Growth of two subtropical ornamentals using coir (coconut mesocarp pith) as a peat substitute
AW Meerow
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Phylogeny of the American Amaryllidaceae based on nrDNA ITS sequences
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Systematics of Amaryllidaceae based on cladistic analysis of plastid sequence data
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Antineoplastic agents, 256. Cell growth inhibitory isocarbostyrils from Hymenocallis
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Palm seed germination
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Can phylogeny predict chemical diversity and potential medicinal activity of plants? A case study of Amaryllidaceae
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Mango genetic diversity analysis and pedigree inferences for Florida cultivars using microsatellite markers
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A monograph of Eucrosia (Amaryllidaceae)
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Phylogenetic relationships of monocots based on the highly informative plastid gene ndhF
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Phylogenetic analysis of seven WRKY genes across the palm subtribe Attaleinae (Arecaceae) identifies Syagrus as sister group of the coconut
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Isolation and characterization of 15 microsatellite loci from mango (Mangifera indica L.) and cross‐species amplification in closely related taxa
RJ Schnell, CT Olano, WE Quintanilla, AW Meerow
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Repeated evolution of net venation and fleshy fruits among monocots in shaded habitats confirms a priori predictions: evidence from an ndhF phylogeny
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Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 272 (1571), 1481-1490, 2005
Analysis of genetic diversity and population structure within Florida coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) germplasm using microsatellite DNA, with special emphasis on the …
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Phylogeny of the cycads based on multiple single-copy nuclear genes: congruence of concatenated parsimony, likelihood and species tree inference methods
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Pucara (Amaryllidaceae) reduced to synonymy with Stenomesson on the basis of nuclear and plastid DNA spacer sequences, and a new related species of Stenomesson
AW Meerow, H van der Werff
Systematic Botany 29 (3), 511-517, 2004
Growth of two tropical foliage plants using coir dust as a container medium amendment
AW Meerow
HortTechnology 5 (3), 237-239, 1995
The age of chocolate: a diversification history of Theobroma and Malvaceae
JE Richardson, BA Whitlock, AW Meerow, S Madriñán
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 3, 120, 2015
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