J. Christopher Fenno
J. Christopher Fenno
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Biomedical applications of nisin
JM Shin, JW Gwak, P Kamarajan, JC Fenno, AH Rickard, YL Kapila
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FimA, a major virulence factor associated with Streptococcus parasanguis endocarditis.
D Burnette-Curley, V Wells, H Viscount, CL Munro, JC Fenno, ...
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The effects of chlorhexidine gluconate (0.12%) on the antimicrobial properties of tooth-colored ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate
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Sequence analysis, expression, and binding activity of recombinant major outer sheath protein (Msp) of Treponema denticola.
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Clinical response of azithromycin as an adjunct to non‐surgical periodontal therapy in smokers
P Mascarenhas, R Gapski, K Al‐Shammari, R Hill, S Soehren, JC Fenno, ...
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Virulence factors of oral treponemes
JC Fenno, BC McBride
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The fimA locus of Streptococcus parasanguis encodes an ATP‐binding membrane transport system
JC Fenno, A Shaikh, G Spatafora, P Fives‐Taylor
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Identification of a Treponema denticola OppA homologue that binds host proteins present in the subgingival environment
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The major surface protein complex of Treponema denticola depolarizes and induces ion channels in HeLa cell membranes.
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Conservation of msp, the gene encoding the major outer membrane protein of oral Treponema spp.
JC Fenno, GW Wong, PM Hannam, KH Müller, WK Leung, BC McBride
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Nucleotide sequence analysis of a type 1 fimbrial gene of Streptococcus sanguis FW213.
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Fabrication and characterization of bioactive and antibacterial composites for dental applications
X Chatzistavrou, JC Fenno, D Faulk, S Badylak, T Kasuga, AR Boccaccini, ...
Acta biomaterialia 10 (8), 3723-3732, 2014
Mutagenesis of outer membrane virulence determinants of the oral spirochete Treponema denticola
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The opdB locus encodes the trypsin-like peptidase activity of Treponema denticola
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Analysis of a unique interaction between the complement regulatory protein factor H and the periodontal pathogen Treponema denticola
JV McDowell, B Huang, JC Fenno, RT Marconi
Infection and immunity 77 (4), 1417-1425, 2009
The chymotrypsin-like protease complex of Treponema denticola ATCC 35405 mediates fibrinogen adherence and degradation
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Designing dental composites with bioactive and bactericidal properties
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Characterization of allelic replacement in Streptococcus parasanguis: transformation and homologous recombination in a'nontransformable'streptococcus
JC Fenno, A Shaikh, P Fives-Taylor
Gene 130 (1), 81-90, 1993
Treponema denticola interactions with host proteins
JC Fenno
Journal of oral microbiology 4 (1), 9929, 2012
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