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Tore Samuelsson
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The landscape of viral expression and host gene fusion and adaptation in human cancer
KW Tang, B Alaei-Mahabadi, T Samuelsson, M Lindh, E Larsson
Nature communications 4, 2513, 2013
Gel-forming mucins appeared early in metazoan evolution
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Large‐scale identification of genes implicated in kidney glomerulus development and function
M Takemoto, L He, J Norlin, J Patrakka, Z Xiao, T Petrova, C Bondjers, ...
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YidC/Oxa1p/Alb3: evolutionarily conserved mediators of membrane protein assembly
J Luirink, T Samuelsson, JW de Gier
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Evolution of the iron-responsive element
P Piccinelli, T Samuelsson
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Useful ‘junk’: Alu RNAs in the human transcriptome
J Häsler, T Samuelsson, K Strub
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 64 (14), 1793-1800, 2007
A family of putative transcription termination factors shared amongst metazoans and plants
T Linder, CB Park, J Asin-Cayuela, M Pellegrini, NG Larsson, ...
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SRPDB: signal recognition particle database
MA Rosenblad, J Gorodkin, B Knudsen, C Zwieb, T Samuelsson
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Identification and analysis of ribonuclease P and MRP RNA in a broad range of eukaryotes
P Piccinelli, MA Rosenblad, T Samuelsson
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The tmRDB and SRPDB resources
ES Andersen, MA Rosenblad, N Larsen, JC Westergaard, J Burks, ...
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Prediction of signal recognition particle RNA genes
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Early evolution of histone mRNA 3′ end processing
MD López, T Samuelsson
Rna 14 (1), 1-10, 2008
Kinship in the SRP RNA family
MA Rosenblad, N Larsen, T Samuelsson, C Zwieb
RNA biology 6 (5), 508-516, 2009
Interactions of transfer RNA pseudouridine synthases with RNAs substituted with fluorouracil
T Samuelsson
Nucleic acids research 19 (22), 6139-6144, 1991
Inventory and analysis of the protein subunits of the ribonucleases P and MRP provides further evidence of homology between the yeast and human enzymes
MA Rosenblad, MD Lopez, P Piccinelli, T Samuelsson
Nucleic acids research 34 (18), 5145-5156, 2006
Computational screen for spliceosomal RNA genes aids in defining the phylogenetic distribution of major and minor spliceosomal components
MD Lopez, M Alm Rosenblad, T Samuelsson
Nucleic acids research 36 (9), 3001-3010, 2008
SRPDB (signal recognition particle database)
J Gorodkin, B Knudsen, C Zwieb, T Samuelsson
Nucleic Acids Research 29 (1), 169-170, 2001
Simultaneous DNA and RNA mapping of somatic mitochondrial mutations across diverse human cancers
JB Stewart, B Alaei-Mahabadi, R Sabarinathan, T Samuelsson, ...
PLoS genetics 11 (6), e1005333, 2015
An inventory of mucin genes in the chicken genome shows that the mucin domain of Muc13 is encoded by multiple exons and that ovomucin is part of a locus of related gel-forming …
T Lang, GC Hansson, T Samuelsson
Bmc Genomics 7 (1), 197, 2006
A nomenclature for all signal recognition particle RNAs
C Zwieb, RW Van Nues, MA Rosenblad, JD Brown, T Samuelsson
Rna 11 (1), 7-13, 2005
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