Martin Tunér
Martin Tunér
Professor at Lund University
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Investigation of partially premixed combustion characteristics in low load range with regards to fuel octane number in a light-duty diesel engine
H Solaka, U Aronsson, M Tuner, B Johansson
SAE Technical Paper, 2012
Transition from HCCI to PPC: the Sensitivity of Combustion Phasing to the Intake Temperature and the Injection Timing with and without EGR
C Li, L Yin, S Shamun, M Tuner, B Johansson, R Solsjo, XS Bai
SAE Technical Paper, 2016
Effects of EGR and intake pressure on PPC of conventional diesel, gasoline and ethanol in a heavy duty diesel engine
M Shen, M Tuner, B Johansson, W Cannella
SAE Technical Paper, 2013
Review and Benchmarking of Alternative Fuels in Conventional and Advanced Engine Concepts with Emphasis on Efficiency, CO2, and Regulated Emissions
M Tuner
SAE Technical Paper, 2016
Combustion stratification with partially premixed combustion, PPC, using NVO and split injection in a LD-diesel engine
S Tanov, R Collin, B Johansson, M Tuner
SAE international journal of engines 7 (4), 1911-1919, 2014
Effects of methyl group on aromatic hydrocarbons on the nanostructures and oxidative reactivity of combustion-generated soot
GDJG Peña, MM Alrefaai, SY Yang, A Raj, JL Brito, S Stephen, T Anjana, ...
Combustion and Flame 172, 1-12, 2016
CFD investigation of heat transfer in a diesel engine with diesel and PPC combustion modes
H Fridriksson, B Sunden, S Hajireza, M Tuner
SAE Technical Paper, 2011
Laser-induced phosphorescence and the impact of phosphor coating thickness on crank-angle resolved cylinder wall temperatures
C Knappe, P Andersson, M Algotsson, M Richter, J Linden, M Alden, ...
SAE International Journal of Engines 4 (1), 1689-1698, 2011
Double compression expansion engine concepts: a path to high efficiency
N Lam, M Tuner, P Tunestal, A Andersson, S Lundgren, B Johansson
SAE International Journal of Engines 8 (4), 1562-1578, 2015
Pressure sensitivity of HCCI auto-ignition temperature for primary reference fuels
I Truedsson, M Tuner, B Johansson, W Cannella
SAE International Journal of Engines 5 (3), 1089-1108, 2012
Effect of piston bowl shape and swirl ratio on engine heat transfer in a light-duty diesel engine
HS Fridriksson, M Tuner, O Andersson, B Sunden, H Persson, ...
SAE Technical Paper, 2014
Small scale gasification: gas engine CHP for biofuels
J Brandin, M Tunér, I Odenbrand, V Lund
Swedish Energy Agency Report, 137, 2011
Development of new test method for evaluating HCCI fuel performance
I Truedsson, W Cannella, B Johansson, M Tuner
SAE Technical Paper, 2014
Close to stoichiometric partially premixed combustion-the benefit of ethanol in comparison to conventional fuels
M Shen, M Tuner, B Johansson
SAE Technical Paper, 2013
A PDF-Based Model for full cycle simulation of direct injected engines
M Tunér, M Pasternak, F Mauss, H Bensler
SAE Technical Paper, 2008
Exhaust PM emissions analysis of alcohol fueled heavy-duty engine utilizing PPC
S Shamun, M Shen, B Johansson, M Tuner, J Pagels, A Gudmundsson, ...
SAE International Journal of Engines 9 (4), 2142-2152, 2016
Quantitative detection of hydrogen peroxide in an HCCI engine using photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence
B Li, M Jonsson, M Algotsson, J Bood, ZS Li, O Johansson, M Aldén, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 34 (2), 3573-3581, 2013
Thickness dependent variations in surface phosphor thermometry during transient combustion in an HCCI engine
C Knappe, M Algotsson, P Andersson, M Richter, M Tunér, B Johansson, ...
Combustion and flame 160 (8), 1466-1475, 2013
Loss analysis of a HD-PPC engine with two-stage turbocharging operating in the European stationary cycle
M Tuner, B Johansson, P Keller, M Becker
SAE Technical Paper, 2013
Potential Levels of Soot, NOx, HC and CO for Methanol Combustion
E Svensson, C Li, S Shamun, B Johansson, M Tuner, C Perlman, ...
SAE Technical Paper, 2016
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