Mikael Baaz
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Exploring ‘irrational resistance’
M Lilja, M Baaz, S Vinthagen
Journal of Political Power 6 (2), 201-217, 2013
How resistance encourages resistance: theorizing the nexus between power,‘Organised Resistance’and ‘Everyday Resistance’
M Lilja, M Baaz, M Schulz, S Vinthagen
Journal of Political Power 10 (1), 40-54, 2017
Understanding Hybrid Democracy in C ambodia: The Nexus Between Liberal Democracy, the State, Civil Society, and a “Politics of Presence”
M Baaz, M Lilja
Asian Politics & Policy 6 (1), 5-24, 2014
A Meta-theoretical Foundation for the Study of International Relations in a Global Era-A Social Constructivist Approach.
M Baaz
The use of force and International Society
M Baaz
Jure bokhandel [distributör], 2009
Meta-theoretical foundations for the study of global social relations from the perspective of the new political economy of development
M Baaz
Resistance, rupture and repetition: Civil society strategies against intimate partner violence in Cambodia
M Lilja, M Baaz
Global public health 11 (1-2), 95-107, 2016
Fighting with and against the time: the japanese environmental movement's queering of time as resistance
M Lilja, M Baaz, S Vinthagen
Journal of Civil Society 11 (4), 408-423, 2015
Researching resistance and social change: a critical approach to theory and practice
M Baaz, M Lilja, S Vinthagen
Using international criminal law to resist transitional justice: legal rupture in the extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia
M Baaz, M Lilja
Conflict and Society 2 (1), 142-159, 2016
Dissident voices in international criminal law
M Baaz
Leiden Journal of International Law 28 (3), 673-689, 2015
The “Dark Side” of International Criminal Law: The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
M Baaz
Scandinavian Studies in Law 60 (Law and Developement), 157-186, 2015
Beyond Order versus Justice: Middle-Ground Ethics and the Responsibility to Protect
M Baaz
Ethical Reasoning in International Affairs, 127-157, 2013
The World Order and the Changing View on Violence as a Legal/Legitimate Means in International Relations
M Baaz
Centrum för Europaforskning, Göteborg University, 2006
Defining and Analyzing “Resistance” Possible Entrances to the Study of Subversive Practices
M Baaz, M Lilja, M Schulz, S Vinthagen
Alternatives 41 (3), 137-153, 2016
Bringing the Khmer Rouge to trial: an extraordinary experiment in international criminal law
M Baaz
Comparative Law, Scandinavian Studies in Law 61, 291-338, 2015
International law is different in different places: Russian interpretations and outlooks
M Baaz
International Journal of Constitutional Law 14 (1), 262-276, 2016
(Re) categorization as Resistance: Civil Society Mobilizations Around the Preah Vihear Temple
M Baaz, M Lilja
International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 30 (3), 295-310, 2017
Resistance studies as an academic pursuit
M Baaz, M Lilja, S Vinthagen
Journal of Resistance Studies 3 (1), 10-28, 2017
Theorising ‘Peace-building’resistance: constructions of time and different temporalities at play in the Preah Vihear Temple conflict
M Lilja, M Baaz
European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology 3 (4), 426-446, 2016
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