Mario Chavez
Mario Chavez
CNRS Research Fellow
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Complex networks: Structure and dynamics
S Boccaletti, V Latora, Y Moreno, M Chavez, DU Hwang
Physics reports 424 (4-5), 175-308, 2006
Wavelet analysis of ecological time series
B Cazelles, M Chavez, D Berteaux, F Ménard, JO Vik, S Jenouvrier, ...
Oecologia 156 (2), 287-304, 2008
Synchronization is enhanced in weighted complex networks
M Chavez, DU Hwang, A Amann, HGE Hentschel, S Boccaletti
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Graph analysis of functional brain networks: practical issues in translational neuroscience
F De Vico Fallani, J Richiardi, M Chavez, S Achard
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 369 (1653), 20130521, 2014
Nonstationary influence of El Nino on the synchronous dengue epidemics in Thailand
B Cazelles, M Chavez, AJ McMichael, S Hales
PLoS medicine 2 (4), e106, 2005
Time-dependent spectral analysis of epidemiological time-series with wavelets
B Cazelles, M Chavez, GC Magny, JF Guégan, S Hales
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Functional modularity of background activities in normal and epileptic brain networks
M Chavez, M Valencia, V Navarro, V Latora, J Martinerie
Physical Review Letters 104 (11), 118701, 2010
Preictal state identification by synchronization changes in long-term intracranial EEG recordings
M Le Van Quyen, J Soss, V Navarro, R Robertson, M Chavez, M Baulac, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 116 (3), 559-568, 2005
Statistical assessment of nonlinear causality: application to epileptic EEG signals
M Chávez, J Martinerie, M Le Van Quyen
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Remote synchronization reveals network symmetries and functional modules
V Nicosia, M Valencia, M Chavez, A Díaz-Guilera, V Latora
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Synchronization in complex networks with age ordering
DU Hwang, M Chavez, A Amann, S Boccaletti
Physical review letters 94 (13), 138701, 2005
Spatio-temporal dynamics prior to neocortical seizures: amplitude versus phase couplings
M Chávez, M Le Van Quyen, V Navarro, M Baulac, J Martinerie
Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on 50 (5), 571-583, 2003
Multilayer motif analysis of brain networks
F Battiston, V Nicosia, M Chavez, V Latora
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 27, 047404, 2017
Dynamic small-world behavior in functional brain networks unveiled by an event-related networks approach
M Valencia, J Martinerie, S Dupont, M Chavez
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Anatomical connectivity influences both intra-and inter-brain synchronizations
G Dumas, M Chavez, J Nadel, J Martinerie
PloS one 7 (5), e36414, 2012
Frequency flows and the time-frequency dynamics of multivariate phase synchronization in brain signals
D Rudrauf, A Douiri, C Kovach, JP Lachaux, D Cosmelli, M Chavez, ...
Neuroimage 31 (1), 209-227, 2006
Activity of ventral medial thalamic neurons during absence seizures and modulation of cortical paroxysms by the nigrothalamic pathway
JT Paz, M Chavez, S Saillet, JM Deniau, S Charpier
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (4), 929-941, 2007
Inactivation of the somatosensory cortex prevents paroxysmal oscillations in cortical and related thalamic neurons in a genetic model of absence epilepsy
PO Polack, S Mahon, M Chavez, S Charpier
Cerebral cortex 19 (9), 2078-2091, 2009
Chronic but not acute dopaminergic transmission interruption promotes a progressive increase in cortical beta frequency synchronization: relationships to vigilance state and …
B Degos, JM Deniau, M Chavez, N Maurice
Cerebral cortex 19 (7), 1616-1630, 2009
Synchronization in dynamical networks: Evolution along commutative graphs
S Boccaletti, DU Hwang, M Chavez, A Amann, J Kurths, LM Pecora
Physical Review E 74 (1), 016102, 2006
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