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An ultrastrong nanofibrillar biomaterial: the strength of single cellulose nanofibrils revealed via sonication-induced fragmentation
T Saito, R Kuramae, J Wohlert, LA Berglund, A Isogai
Biomacromolecules 14 (1), 248-253, 2013
Cellulose and the role of hydrogen bonds: not in charge of everything
M Wohlert, T Benselfelt, L Wågberg, I Furó, LA Berglund, J Wohlert
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Simulation studies of the insolubility of cellulose
M Bergenstråhle, J Wohlert, ME Himmel, JW Brady
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Free energy of a trans-membrane pore calculated from atomistic molecular dynamics simulations
J Wohlert, WK den Otter, O Edholm, WJ Briels
The Journal of chemical physics 124 (15), 2006
Dynamics in atomistic simulations of phospholipid membranes: nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation rates and lateral diffusion
J Wohlert, O Edholm
The Journal of chemical physics 125 (20), 2006
The O-glycosylated linker from the Trichoderma reesei Family 7 cellulase is a flexible, disordered protein
GT Beckham, YJ Bomble, JF Matthews, CB Taylor, MG Resch, ...
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Understanding nanocellulose–water interactions: Turning a detriment into an asset
L Solhi, V Guccini, K Heise, I Solala, E Niinivaara, W Xu, K Mihhels, ...
Chemical reviews 123 (5), 1925-2015, 2023
The range and shielding of dipole-dipole interactions in phospholipid bilayers
J Wohlert, O Edholm
Biophysical journal 87 (4), 2433-2445, 2004
A coarse-grained model for molecular dynamics simulations of native cellulose
J Wohlert, LA Berglund
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 7 (3), 753-760, 2011
Regular motifs in xylan modulate molecular flexibility and interactions with cellulose surfaces
A Martínez-Abad, J Berglund, G Toriz, P Gatenholm, G Henriksson, ...
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Dynamics of cellulose− water interfaces: NMR spin− lattice relaxation times calculated from atomistic computer simulations
M Bergenstråhle, J Wohlert, PT Larsson, K Mazeau, LA Berglund
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Deformation of cellulose nanocrystals: entropy, internal energy and temperature dependence
J Wohlert, M Bergenstråhle-Wohlert, LA Berglund
Cellulose 19, 1821-1836, 2012
A molecular dynamics study of the effect of glycosidic linkage type in the hemicellulose backbone on the molecular chain flexibility
J Berglund, T Angles d'Ortoli, F Vilaplana, G Widmalm, ...
The Plant Journal 88 (1), 56-70, 2016
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Ionic Liquid 1-n-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride and Its Binary Mixtures with Ethanol
M Chen, R Pendrill, G Widmalm, JW Brady, J Wohlert
Journal of chemical theory and computation 10 (10), 4465-4479, 2014
Molecular dynamics simulations of membrane–sugar interactions
J Kapla, J Wohlert, B Stevensson, O Engstrom, G Widmalm, A Maliniak
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (22), 6667-6673, 2013
Entropy drives the adsorption of xyloglucan to cellulose surfaces–a molecular dynamics study
S Kishani, T Benselfelt, L Wågberg, J Wohlert
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 588, 485-493, 2021
The structure of galactoglucomannan impacts the degradation under alkaline conditions
J Berglund, S Azhar, M Lawoko, M Lindström, F Vilaplana, J Wohlert, ...
Cellulose 26 (3), 2155-2175, 2019
Cellulose Nanopaper and Nanofoam for Patient‐Tailored Drug Delivery
K Löbmann, J Wohlert, A Müllertz, L Wågberg, AJ Svagan
Advanced Materials Interfaces 4 (9), 1600655, 2017
Concentration enrichment of urea at cellulose surfaces: results from molecular dynamics simulations and NMR spectroscopy
M Bergenstråhle-Wohlert, LA Berglund, JW Brady, PT Larsson, ...
Cellulose 19, 1-12, 2012
“Like Recycles Like”: Selective Ring‐Closing Depolymerization of Poly (L‐Lactic Acid) to L‐Lactide
L Cederholm, J Wohlert, P Olsén, M Hakkarainen, K Odelius
Angewandte Chemie 134 (33), e202204531, 2022
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