Johan Klarbring
Johan Klarbring
IFM, Linköping University; Department of Materials, Imperial College London
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Thermochromic lead‐free halide double perovskites
W Ning, XG Zhao, J Klarbring, S Bai, F Ji, F Wang, SI Simak, Y Tao, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (10), 1807375, 2019
Lead‐Free Halide Double Perovskite Cs2AgBiBr6 with Decreased Band Gap
F Ji, J Klarbring, F Wang, W Ning, L Wang, C Yin, JSM Figueroa, ...
Angewandte Chemie 132 (35), 15303-15306, 2020
Anharmonicity and ultralow thermal conductivity in lead-free halide double perovskites
J Klarbring, O Hellman, IA Abrikosov, SI Simak
Physical Review Letters 125 (4), 045701, 2020
Near‐Infrared Light‐Responsive Cu‐Doped Cs2AgBiBr6
F Ji, Y Huang, F Wang, L Kobera, F Xie, J Klarbring, S Abbrent, J Brus, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (51), 2005521, 2020
Nature of the octahedral tilting phase transitions in perovskites: A case study of
J Klarbring, SI Simak
Physical Review B 97 (2), 024108, 2018
Low-energy paths for octahedral tilting in inorganic halide perovskites
J Klarbring
Physical Review B 99 (10), 104105, 2019
Superioniclike diffusion in an elemental crystal: bcc titanium
DG Sangiovanni, J Klarbring, D Smirnova, NV Skripnyak, D Gambino, ...
Physical review letters 123 (10), 105501, 2019
Diverging Expressions of Anharmonicity in Halide Perovskites
A Cohen, TM Brenner, J Klarbring, R Sharma, DH Fabini, R Korobko, ...
Advanced Materials, 2107932, 2022
Analysis of dihydrogen bonding in ammonium borohydride
S Filippov, JB Grinderslev, MS Andersson, J Armstrong, M Karlsson, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (47), 28631-28639, 2019
Ionic conductivity in Gd-doped : Ab initio color-diffusion nonequilibrium molecular dynamics study
JO Nilsson, OY Vekilova, O Hellman, J Klarbring, SI Simak, ...
Physical Review B 93 (2), 024102, 2016
Finite-temperature lattice dynamics and superionic transition in ceria from first principles
J Klarbring, NV Skorodumova, SI Simak
Physical Review B 97 (10), 104309, 2018
Free energy predictions for crystal stability and synthesisability
K Tolborg, J Klarbring, AM Ganose, A Walsh
Digital Discovery 1 (5), 586-595, 2022
Phase stability of dynamically disordered solids from first principles
J Klarbring, SI Simak
Physical review letters 121 (22), 225702, 2018
Ionic conductivity in Sm-doped ceria from first-principles non-equilibrium molecular dynamics
J Klarbring, OY Vekilova, JO Nilsson, NV Skorodumova, SI Simak
Solid State Ionics 296, 47-53, 2016
Na–Ni–H Phase Formation at High Pressures and High Temperatures: Hydrido Complexes [NiH5]3– Versus the Perovskite NaNiH3
K Spektor, WA Crichton, S Filippov, J Klarbring, SI Simak, A Fischer, ...
Acs Omega 5 (15), 8730-8743, 2020
Unraveling Hidden Mg–Mn–H Phase Relations at High Pressures and Temperatures by in Situ Synchrotron Diffraction
K Spektor, WA Crichton, S Konar, S Filippov, J Klarbring, SI Simak, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 57 (3), 1614-1622, 2018
The effects of microstructure, Nb content and secondary Ruddlesden–Popper phase on thermoelectric properties in perovskite CaMn 1− x Nb x O 3 (x= 0–0.10) thin films
E Ekström, A Le Febvrier, F Bourgeois, B Lundqvist, J Palisaitis, ...
RSC advances 10 (13), 7918-7926, 2020
Electronic structure of the magnetic halide double perovskites from first principles
J Klarbring, U Singh, SI Simak, IA Abrikosov
Physical Review Materials 7 (4), 044605, 2023
Lattice Dynamics and Electron–Phonon Coupling in Double Perovskite Cs2NaFeCl6
B Zhang, J Klarbring, F Ji, SI Simak, IA Abrikosov, F Gao, GY Rudko, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 127 (4), 1908-1916, 2023
Dynamic Local Structure in Caesium Lead Iodide: Spatial Correlation and Transient Domains
WJ Baldwin, X Liang, J Klarbring, M Dubajic, D Dell'Angelo, C Sutton, ...
Small, 2303565, 2023
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