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Salmonella-Induced Apoptosis of Infected Macrophages Results in Presentation of a Bacteria-Encoded Antigen after Uptake by Bystander Dendritic Cells
U Yrlid, MJ Wick
The Journal of experimental medicine 191 (4), 613-624, 2000
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V Cerovic, SA Houston, CL Scott, A Aumeunier, U Yrlid, AM Mowat, ...
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Type I interferon signaling in dendritic cells stimulates the development of lymph-node-resident T follicular helper cells
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Regulation of intestinal dendritic cell migration and activation by plasmacytoid dendritic cells, TNF-α and type 1 IFNs after feeding a TLR7/8 ligand
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Human mucosa-associated invariant T cells accumulate in colon adenocarcinomas but produce reduced amounts of IFN-γ
P Sundström, F Ahlmanner, P Akéus, M Sundquist, S Alsén, U Yrlid, ...
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Lymph-borne CD8α+ dendritic cells are uniquely able to cross-prime CD8+ T cells with antigen acquired from intestinal epithelial cells
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Fucosylation and protein glycosylation create functional receptors for cholera toxin
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Directed antigen targeting in vivo identifies a role for CD103+ dendritic cells in both tolerogenic and immunogenic T-cell responses
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U Yrlid, V Cerovic, S Milling, CD Jenkins, J Zhang, PR Crocker, ...
The Journal of Immunology 177 (9), 6115-6121, 2006
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