Chadanat Noonin
Chadanat Noonin
Office for Research and Development, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University
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Cells from the immune system generate adult-born neurons in crayfish
JL Benton, R Kery, J Li, C Noonin, I Söderhäll, BS Beltz
Developmental Cell 30 (3), 322-333, 2014
Exosome-inflammasome crosstalk and their roles in inflammatory responses
C Noonin, V Thongboonkerd
Theranostics 11 (9), 4436, 2021
Invertebrate hematopoiesis: an anterior proliferation center as a link between the hematopoietic tissue and the brain
C Noonin, X Lin, P Jiravanichpaisal, K Söderhäll, I Söderhäll
Stem cells and development 21 (17), 3173-3186, 2012
Caspase-1-like regulation of the proPO-system and role of ppA and caspase-1-like cleaved peptides from proPO in innate immunity
M Jearaphunt, C Noonin, P Jiravanichpaisal, S Nakamura, ...
PLoS Pathogens 10 (4), e1004059, 2014
Detection of infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis virus (IHHNV) in farmed Australian Penaeus monodon by PCR analysis and DNA sequencing
V Saksmerprome, O Puiprom, C Noonin, TW Flegel
Aquaculture 298 (3-4), 190-193, 2010
Melanization and pathogenicity in the insect, Tenebrio molitor, and the crustacean, Pacifastacus leniusculus, by Aeromonas hydrophila AH-3
C Noonin, P Jiravanichpaisal, I Söderhäll, S Merino, JM Tomás, ...
PLoS One 5 (12), e15728, 2010
Reactive oxygen species affect transglutaminase activity and regulate hematopoiesis in a crustacean
K Junkunlo, K Söderhäll, I Söderhäll, C Noonin
Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (34), 17593-17601, 2016
An insect TEP in a crustacean is specific for cuticular tissues and involved in intestinal defense
C Wu, C Noonin, P Jiravanichpaisal, I Söderhäll, K Söderhäll
Insect biochemistry and molecular biology 42 (2), 71-80, 2012
β-thymosins and hemocyte homeostasis in a crustacean
N Saelee, C Noonin, B Nupan, K Junkunlo, A Phongdara, X Lin, ...
PLoS One 8 (4), e60974, 2013
Environmental concentrations of sulfamethoxazole increase crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus susceptibility to White Spot Syndrome Virus
A Hernández-Pérez, C Noonin, K Söderhäll, I Söderhäll
Fish & shellfish immunology 102, 177-184, 2020
The effect of temperature on bacteria-host interactions in the freshwater crayfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus
GG Korkut, I Söderhäll, K Söderhäll, C Noonin
Journal of invertebrate pathology 157, 67-73, 2018
Systematic analysis of modulating activities of native human urinary Tamm-Horsfall protein on calcium oxalate crystallization, growth, aggregation, crystal-cell adhesion and …
C Noonin, P Peerapen, S Yoodee, C Kapincharanon, R Kanlaya, ...
Chemico-Biological Interactions 357, 109879, 2022
Involvement of Serotonin in crayfish hematopoiesis
C Noonin
Developmental & Comparative Immunology 86, 189-195, 2018
Effects of secretome derived from macrophages exposed to calcium oxalate crystals on renal fibroblast activation
S Yoodee, C Noonin, K Sueksakit, R Kanlaya, S Chaiyarit, P Peerapen, ...
Communications Biology 4 (1), 959, 2021
The effect of temperature on white spot disease progression in a crustacean, Pacifastacus leniusculus
GG Korkut, C Noonin, K Söderhäll
Developmental & Comparative Immunology 89, 7-13, 2018
PDGF/VEGF-related receptor affects transglutaminase activity to control cell migration during crustacean hematopoiesis
K Junkunlo, K Söderhäll, C Noonin, I Söderhäll
Stem Cells and Development 26 (20), 1449-1459, 2017
Characterization of a hemocyte homeostasis-associated-like protein (HHAP) in the freshwater crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus
K Apitanyasai, C Noonin, A Tassanakajon, I Söderhäll, K Söderhäll
Fish & Shellfish Immunology 58, 429-435, 2016
Circadian regulation of melanization and prokineticin homologues is conserved in the brain of freshwater crayfish and zebrafish
C Noonin, A Watthanasurorot, S Winberg, I Söderhäll
Developmental & Comparative Immunology 40 (2), 218-226, 2013
Protective effect of diarylheptanoids from Curcuma comosa on primary rat hepatocytes against t-butyl hydroperoxide-induced toxicity
K Suksen, T Charaslertrangsi, C Noonin, S Jariyawat, ...
Pharmaceutical Biology 54 (5), 853-862, 2016
Application of tandem fast protein liquid chromatography to purify intact native monomeric/aggregated Tamm–Horsfall protein from human urine and systematic comparisons with …
C Noonin, C Kapincharanon, K Sueksakit, R Kanlaya, V Thongboonkerd
Analytical Methods 13 (30), 3359-3367, 2021
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