Gunnar Svensson
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Raman spectroscopy studies of carbide derived carbons
S Urbonaite, L Hälldahl, G Svensson
Carbon 46 (14), 1942-1947, 2008
Characterization of unburned carbon in bagasse fly ash
VS Batra, S Urbonaite, G Svensson
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Synthesis and characterization of Sr1− xLnxCoO3− δ, Ln= Y, Sm–Tm, 0.1⩽ x⩽ 0.5
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EELS studies of carbide derived carbons
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Oxoniobates containing metal clusters
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Catalytic effects of metals of the iron subgroup on the chlorination of titanium carbide to form nanostructural carbon
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Structural and magnetic properties of LaFe0. 5Cr0. 5O3 studied by neutron diffraction, electron diffraction and magnetometry
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Phase formation of CaAl2O4 from CaCO3–Al2O3 powder mixtures
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Self-assembling peptide nanotubes from enantiomeric pairs of cyclic peptides with alternating D and L amino acid residues
K Rosenthal-Aizman, G Svensson, A Undén
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (11), 3372-3373, 2004
Die Bestimmung des Stärkegehalts und der Trockensubstanz der Kartoffel mit Hilfe des spezifischen Gewichts
C von Scheele, G Svensson, J Rasmusson
Parey, 1936
Structural-electrochemical relations in the aqueous copper hexacyanoferrate-zinc system examined by synchrotron X-ray diffraction
V Renman, DO Ojwang, M Valvo, CP Gómez, T Gustafsson, G Svensson
Journal of Power Sources 369, 146-153, 2017
High-temperature crystal structure and transport properties of the layered cuprates Ln2CuO4, Ln= Pr, Nd and Sm
MS Kaluzhskikh, SM Kazakov, GN Mazo, SY Istomin, EV Antipov, ...
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Design of a new lithium ion battery test cell for in-situ neutron diffraction measurements
M Roberts, JJ Biendicho, S Hull, P Beran, T Gustafsson, G Svensson, ...
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Reverse Monte Carlo studies of nanoporous carbon from TiC
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Synthesis and structural studies of Sr2Co2− xGaxO5, 0.3⩽ x⩽ 0.8
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Intercalation Compounds from LiH and Graphite: Relative Stability of Metastable Stages and Thermodynamic Stability of Dilute Stage Id
S Konar, U Häusserman, G Svensson
Chemistry of Materials 27 (7), 2566-2575, 2015
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