Alexandre Schaefer
Alexandre Schaefer
Monash, Durham, Leeds, Yale, WashU, Louvain.
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Assessing the effectiveness of a large database of emotion-eliciting films: A new tool for emotion researchers
A Schaefer, F Nils, X Sanchez, P Philippot
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AR Bland
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Visual attention and emotional memory: Recall of aversive pictures is partially mediated by concurrent task performance.
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Understanding Emotional Memory: Cognitive Factors
GE Barnacle, A Schaefer, D Tsivilis, D Talmi
University of Manchester, 2016
The cortisol awakening response: Associations with trait anxiety and stress reactivity
S Walker, DB O’Connor, A Schaefer, D Talbot, H Hendrickx
Personality and Individual Differences 51 (2), 123-127, 2011
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